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Where to buy MLP clothes

Red End

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Hello again everypony! ^^

So, I've been dying to get MLP clothes (mainly t-shirts), but I've no idea where to look for.

Do you buy MLP clothes on a phisical store? Or online, maybe?

I'm mainly looking for phisical stores, and the bad thing is that I'm from Spain, and the market is kinds much smaller here.

Sorry if I messed some sentence up, I'm still learning English! ;)


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I can't help you find any physical locations in Spain, but the best physical place to find MLP clothes in the States is Hot Topic. Personally, I find it easiest just to buy them online. My two main sources are welovefine.com and redbubble.com, though I don't know whether they ship internationally. Regardless, good luck on your hunt! e9FkmL5.png

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The main places where I buy all my pony merch is at Hot Topic. They carry shirts, blind bags, cards, necklaces, backpacks, etc. If there's no Hot Topics in Spain, try FYE (For Your Entertainment) They usually carry pony stuff. I'd suggest Target or Walmart for small plushies. 


If this doesn't help, I'd suggest Amazon. 


Good luck with your search!

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Sometimes, specific websites will have deals like this




The deadline for it has passed, but if you watched never ending story as a kid...Well, I can't wait to get it to make people my age cry.

I also have an MLP/Legend of Zelda cross over shirt. For special stuff like this, I usually use http://www.equestriadaily.com/, they often show one day deals.

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