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Hero of Time - Partial Vocal Drama MLP/Legend of Zelda Crossover


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Hi there! Ever since my account got banned on fimfiction.net, I've decided to try a new shtick that'll allow me to combine my hobbies of writing and voice acting together. I once wrote a fanfiction called Hero of Time based on some sudden inspiration, but as far as fanfictions go, it never turned out quite what I wanted: via the limits of text, of course. So, instead, I decided to try to make something else...


The description: In a merged universe of My Little Pony and The Legend of Zelda (which I'm going to call the Legend of Luna), Link attempts to save his friend Princess Luna from the Nightmare. 


Ze Link


Pretty much a glorified fanfic reading :P. Let me know what you think! Critics: come in guns ablazing. I'm trying to make the best I can. 


Also, voice actors wanted :3. My Princess Celestia impression is a bit... well - it sounds like she has testicles. 

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