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Reaction and Analyzation Suggestions

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Hey guys!

Me and some friends are making a channel which will be starting soon.


Before we start it, I'd like some suggestions for my videos.


I'm going to be making videos where I analyze different random aspects of MLP. I'll also be making videos where I react to other videos.

I have some ideas for videos but could really use some more.


So, I have two questions for you: "What should I analyze?" and "What should I react to?"


Let me know in the comments and I'll leave my favorite ideas here:



-React: "Cupcakes"(Original and 'ocarinaplaya' version)

-Analyze: No Love For Earth Ponies





I can't wait to see your ideas img-1943113-1-smile.png



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You maybe try and analyze why there are so many pegasus, unicorn, and alicorn OCs, but very little earth ponies. 


You could also try doing some episode commentary.


Maybe do some reactions to Party of One, where Pinkie Pie snaps and goes more insane than she already is. 


You could also do some reactions to some of the fanmade stuff too. Like Snowdrop, Double Sonic Rainboom, the horribly animated Cupcakes, and more. xD


That's all the suggestions I got for now. I wish you and your friends the best of luck. :)

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