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Searching Dragon's Dogma (Anthro Ponies)

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First, the rules


No godmod

No controlling others, unless told to

Profanity will be used at a minimum

Sexual references will also be limited

No sex scenes

This is an anthro style, please wear clothing

Progress realistically

No killing team mates

Parings will be used at the OC's discretion

No Mary Sue or whatever its called

Alcohol is permitted, but no drunken acts to an extreme


I am looking for up to 8 OC's to go through an adventure.

Here is a list of the classes you can choose, no doubles. Everyone gets one. These classes ARE limited to the weapons next to the name.

Fighter (sword and shield)

Strider (Bows and daggers)

Mage (Staff and spells)

Ranger (long bows and daggers)

Sorcerer (Archistaves and advanced spells)

Warrior (Two handed weapons)

Mystic Knight (sword, mace, staff and magic shields)

Assassin (sword, shield, daggers, and bows)

Magic Archer (daggers, staffs and magic bows)


Armor is to your own imagination, same goes for class skills and attacks. Also the type of weapon you use. Please be realistic in the way of combat, no one is invincible.






Warrior-Night Blade


Mystic Knight-


Magic Archer-



To learn more about what Dragon's Dogma is, please follow this link http://dragonsdogma.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon%27s_Dogma_Wiki Warning: music will play once the page is loaded.

The story begins at an inn the 8 adventures are resting in at the city of Gran Soren

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How am i going to promote the RP? I just got back from my weekend training in the National Guard and i have a lot to catching up to do. Can you help me promote this?

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As a matter of fact, I believe I may have two friends willing to join but it may take a little bit

My friend tbb vesperia may be coming soon. Tbb animal might want part of the action too.

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Flipping awesome! Since we know the game, you can have the most powerful skill available for you character in their vocation. And we all know the monsters take FOREVER to die. 

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