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Visual Art My Pokemon Art- Give me your honest opinion

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Hello, I am here today to show my Pokemon art. I haven't drew pokemon in such a long time, so give me your honest opinions on my art

What should I change?

What should I keep?

I would love it if you helped :)

Anyways, here it goes!






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It's fine, you do need work though, especially in the area of body proportions. No worries, it's better than I can do pokemon-wise, just make sure to use lots of references. One of the hardest things for me is to remember that I have to visualize the pokemon as a three dimensional being, and make it appear like that on paper, The angles need to appear as if It's actually turned properly, and not flat. Keep practicing, and you will be fine!

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I think it looks quite nice, though there are a few areas that look like you may have been pressing the pencil down to hard and erased. Other then that, a few mishaps in the outlines would be my only major complaint.

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