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A new French Brony Musician : Zebu


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Yay everypony,

First, I must say I am french and young (15) so be kind about my english.


About me : I am a 15 old boy, I am french and I play guitar.


I watch MLP since february and I love that.

I make pony-related musics : https://www.youtube.com/user/ZebuZombie/

That's all !

PS : Pinkie Pie is best pony

Vinyl Scratch is best BG pony

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Creative ways to express and share love for the show!!! Playing guitar and making MLP music is awesome! I'm looking into drawing some ponies and maybe create some OCs :) Anyway, welcome mate! I'm gonna go check out your channel :) Have fun on the forums!!! Brohoof for US, French relations!! /)*

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