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Request I require the help of an Artist

Cinnamon bun

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Hi everypony,


I saw all the nice shirts people have made for themselves and I would really like it if some one could help me with my idea.

I have the vector image I want, but I would need someone to put some text around it.


Anyone that has Photoshop skills would make me a huge favor^^

thanks in advance.

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I would help ya but at this point I don't really do artwork without charging :/ and this looks like the kind of thing you would want someone to do for free.


Um, yeah... I mean, it's just putting a bunch of letters in high res. and make them colors that are already in the base image.

I'm not asking for original creative work, just a technical help.

So, thanks for the "sorta" offer, but I'm looking for someone who's considerate enough to do it for free.

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well actually, my wife helped me out with photoshop and we ended up with a design we both liked.

We went to Walmart today, got a T-shirt and some iron-on transfer-paper and came back to print it and... the printer ran out of ink... D:


back on topic : someone can close this thread now. thanks.

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