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Okay so before I show y'all anything, this is my first REAL post here, besides the meet n' greet. Second this is still my first day however the parodies I'm about to show you I made several months ago.


I will only probably post one song I have "Ponified" so here it goes:




Beastie Ponies Parody


The Lowdown: (Which Pony is who)


King Ad-Rock is...Rainbow Dash (Or R-Dash for the nick name)

MCA is.....Pinkie Pie (Just Pinkie Pie, I can’t make a abbreviation)

Mike D is.....Rarity (or just Rare T, however I may change the characters around)


Mix Master Mike is....Vinyl Scratch (a.k.a Mix Master Scratch)


Three Ponies and One DJ

Cause nobody can do it like Mix Master can

come on I got the D double O, D double O style

here we go again because its been awhile

do me a favor don’t touch that dial

I rock from Manehattan to the Equestrian Mile


My names Rare T and I’m the ponies pick

my ryhmes flare a sparkle like clothes with rhinestones in it

Y’all gather around and hear my diamond rhymes cause when its my turn you know you’re in for a ride


Cruising like a steam train on the tracks

She’ll tweak the bass cannon across this map

so watch ya back when she takes the stage

Or she’ll blast you away to wherever you came


3 ponies and one DJ

we be gettin down in Ponyville today

mix master scratch whatcha gotta say


Bug out/To The Mic/All the time


Sweet and sour like a tangerine, fresh like a pick from a zap apple tree

Running in the 90’s is my party theme mix master scratch on the scratch routine


Always on track with the cassette tapes

cuting the records like its a piece of cake

the Bass cannon is booming from down low to up top

we’re all just rappin to the hip hop


Well my name is rainbow dash and I’m a pegasus

don’t ask me cuz I can’t answer it

I’m known to fly, I’m known to show, but don’t player hate because I got to go


3 ponies and one DJ

we be gettin down in Ponyville today

mix master scratch whatcha gotta say


Gotta get down


Mix Master cut faster

Mix Master cut faster

Mix Master cut faster


All top secret and classified

I pick the mic and let the rhymes fly

Its all magical and totally ill

so just take a seat and relax and chill


Now we been here letting the beat drop

reverberating off all the shops

my rhymes are sick like the cutie pox

don’t worry there is no need for shock


Me and pinkie pie and rainbow dash

when our rhymes drop their more like a smash

To all the ponies who are happy and free

with mix master scratch we’re making history


3 ponies and one DJ

we be gettin down in Ponyville today

mix master scratch whatcha gotta say


God dang that DJ made my day



I colored coated the lyrics so that identifies which pony is singing. 

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Why won't anyone comment my work? I mean it is technically music, its only just the lyrics, but still, I put quite a bit of thought and effort into this, right down to which character plays as who, all I want is to hear what everybody thinks, that's all.

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Thanks and you do mean effort right? instead of afford?  I might post another song if requested, currently I've Ponified The New Style from the Beastie Boys 1986 Debut Album "A License to Ill", C-Check it Out from "Solid Gold Hits", and Unite from the 1998 Album "Hello Nasty" and I'm half working on Intergalactic from the same album and Shake Your Rump (Shake Your Flank) from their second 1989 album "Paul's Boutique"  (Though, I could change that to Rarity's Boutique!) You should check out these songs to get an idea of what they sound like, one of these days I hope to actually sing them and record them.  I have tried recorded me singing them with the back ground music, because it is Hip-Hop and kind of fast paced and because problems with speech because of my ADHD I either sang too fast or couldn't keep up.


- Toodles!

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Here's "The New Style"


I hope to someday have someone actually take the characters I've selected for my parodies and make them look like the Beastie Boys

Here's a link to the original song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq5eI_Hk8As

Heres picture of what they looked like back in the 80's 

The New Style

And on the cool check in

Center stage on the mic

And we're puttin' it on wax

It's the new style


Four and three and two and one (What up!)

And when I'm on the mic - the Changelings run (Word!)

Down with Rainbow Dash and Rare T and you ain’t

And I got more cider than Derpy’s got brains

Got rhymes that are fast and rhymes that are slow

I'm not surprised y’all came to the show!


B-E-A-S-T-I-E, what up Rare T

Ah yeah, that's me

I got gems that are styling

all of my clothes are bedazzling

I sew it - I sell it, I know it's good

The outfits I make - you wish you would  


My rappin’s like raining - my voice is not straining

People always biting and I'm sick of complaining

So I went into town on a rainy day

Busted out the clouds and made my ponies say yay

You're from Manehattan - I'm from Ponyville

You're jealous of me because I’m 20% more ill


There it is - kick it!!!


Friend to many and friend to all

and in case you're unaware its time to have a ball


stepped into the party and it was looking kinda dreary

did some cool tricks and it turned real cheery


I had to get some Cassettes because my records are scratched


Ya better turn up the volume because my stereo is wack


I got plenty of ways to liven the place


thats why when you're around my ponies always bring the bass


I got my party cannon and my cupcakes

some ponies were player hating so I showed em’ the way


If I could fly I’d be an Alicorn

but I’m okay just running my clothing store

(Check it!)

Having great parties is the things I like

Why don’t ya’ll come on down cuz it be real nice


Everyone in Cloudsdale envy me because I am the best

I can do the sonic rainboom and beat the rest


There it is - Kick it


You wanna know why? Because I’m-

Yo this ain’t know hate advertising campaign

my rhymes flow down just like rain


Touring from Nayvada to Manehattan


Shouting out rhymes, yeah we know what's happening


Y'all may think Discord is done with the chaos


But he knows darn well not to mess with us


I chill with my ponies because they’re are the best

Rainbow playing tracks all night on request


R-A-I-N-B-O-W  Dash

My rhymes spread just like a rash


Went to Gala in my own best dress


Brought along my party cannon like it was recess


Went to Gala to impress the Wonderbolts


Until we all found out the Gala wasn’t all what we hoped


Went to Gala and met my prince charming

but when I found out who he really was, it was alarming-


Let me clear my throat! - Kick that over here DJ pop

and let all of my fellow ponies, feel the beat...drop


Chillin’ with my ponies on a hot summer’s night

Just me the Mane 6 and Pinkie Pie

A lot cider, a lot of friends and a lot of chilling

20 bit bet to see who is the most illing

Got Pinkie Pie on my left and Rainbow Dash on my right

You know we rapping serious we rapping all night

Some Ponies play the records

Some ponies play the Violin

We are the type of ponies that will always win


Like Derpy is to Muffins

Like Pinkie is to Cake


Like the Double

To the Sonic

To the Rain

To the Boom


I’m the Queen of the Party

And I’m the Queen of Design

Well I’m Pinkie Pie

And I’m the Queen of the Sky


Well I’m Rare T I got all the fad fab

Rainbow D checking at the Gala in 10 seconds flat


Walking through Ponyville with freshest rhymes

Beastie Ponies rapping all the time.

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