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The over exposure defense, a shield to keep the main six with the lions share


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This just sits in my craw and burns.

"But think of the main six!"

every time a fan asks for a back ground character to get a speaking role.


As if there was a chance people would seriously forget about them.


lets suppose the main six suck up about 95-90 percent of the screen time per season.


closer to 90 percent cause the cutie mark crusaders get about 5 percent.  I fail to see how spending an episode or two would even come close to threatening the monopoly like death grip

twilight, rarity, flutter shy, pinkie pie, Rain bow dash,

and crap i forget the last one (heh).


Why can't dr hooves (time turner) have as much air time as say, Pip (the jr pony from luna eclipsed).

The CAKES KIDS got a whole episode about them and their freaken babies,

and their the part of the cake family.

I mean all things considered the cakes get a fair amount of air time, and it really doesn't seem to hurt the show,





and there's just not much two mr and ms cake.

I know what your thinking "well they need to be there cause pinkie works for them."


Oh yeah?
Why couldn't rarity have had a boss from one of the supporting characters?

I mean she doesn't technically need it, but it could been a new dynamic,

instead of raritys customers and little sisters driving her up the wall (and her friends occasionally).



More over how come there's only one farm in ponyville?  I mean besides pinkies rock farming family (Not sure that's in ponyville).


Hell we could had a family rivalry episode, a little hatfields and mc coys action going on between the apples and... whom ever they could have choose to use.



There i said my peace.
End rant ^^.

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