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In the spirit of spooky!


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Hey everypony! In the spirit of Nightmare night, aka All hallows eve, I'd like to share spooky stories of things that happened in real life. What was the scariest thing you've ever witnessed? Was it something you couldn't explain logically? Or maybe just something jumping out at you in the dark?


I have a good one that actually just happened.

I was driving out of town, down a side road. I had just gotten past a stop sign, and noticed something in the ditch, it was dark out, so I couldn't tell what it was till I was almost right next to it. I realized last second that it was an Amish man, standing perfectly still, not looking at my car, but just staring blankly foreward. As I passed by, his eyes glinted in my headlights. I don't know what he was doing in the ditch in the dark, but it was downright freaky. huh.png


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