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Blind bag repaints!


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*pokes head in*  Is this the place? Looks like. /new  smile.png I had a few blindbag duplicates, so I decided to repaint them into a few G1 favorites.




Sunbeam and Surprise do have completely the wrong color eyes - I decided that trying to paint new eyes onto them would just make me crazy. laugh.png I also debated with myself about which mold to use for Surprise, ultimately deciding that her ginormous curly hair was more important to me than her wings. And I can always Sculpey a set of wings for her later. The cutie marks didn't turn out quite as well as I wanted, since I decided that glitter glue would be a great idea (the originals had glitter cutie marks, sooo...) derpy_emoticon2.png


But I'm pretty happy with the lil' gals overall.



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