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Since most of the threads over at the Creative Resources section are about asking for help, maybe a different section just for tutorials ranging from creating yourself an OC, signature tutorials, how to draw ponies etc. would make everything a lot more organized.


Please consider creating this sub-section, it would make it a lot easier for people to find guides and tutorials instead of hopping from page to page through a bunch of "help" threads or using the search engine because you're not always looking for something specific.

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As you probably know, the staff is pretty conservative about adding new boards or even subsections, but I think this could be a decent enough idea. The point of the section is for people to get help with creative works and all that, and helping point prospective artists to topics made by people who have taken the time to explain how to do things in detail seems like a good means to that end. The only thing I wonder about is how many elaborate tutorial threads there really are and whether or not they could fill their own subforum. Tags could be something to think about, if there aren't.

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While I know that tutorials is something that really can be useful for a lot of people on the site, I must say that I do not think that there will be as many threads created that it will be enough for the need of an entire new section. I think that a new section for tutorials only would result in people wanting to fill up the empty place with a bunch of tutorials on different things they know how to do. I know it may sound good but the thing is that most - if not all - of these things, are stuff that you easily can look up online. I know, I know, if the response "You have Google" was used all the time, we could probably remove a whole bunch of threads on the site, which would make it a bit boring, but users are going to create threads similar to already existing threads just because "oh hey look, a tutorial section".


Great now I confused myself... Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that we already have great tutorials for those things that are most related to the site itself and I doubt that those alone are enough in numbers to fill up a section. If you need tutorials about other things, there's way better tutorials in other places of the Internet. YouTube for example.


However, I'm not against a new section for it. It would work...maybeIf it's decided that a subsection is a good thing and it is added I will just be happy that we have another place to look for stuff. Organization in the Octavia's hall subforum is good if you ask me. I do know that it is really appreciated by users when tutorials are found on the forum itself and I think that it should be easier to find those tutorials that we have. How about a "tutorial" prefix if a sub-section is too much?

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