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Are Ponies a weak race?


Are the Ponies a weak race?  

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  1. 1. Are the Ponies a weak race?

    • Strong alone.
    • Weak alone. But with allied races can be very strong.
    • Other? (state in post)

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Are the Ponies a weak race? Like militarily?


Would the Ponies be able to fight something like the Darkspawn from Dragon Age alone? I'd think without other sapient species to be allied with like Humans or other races the would crushed by the Darkspawn. That said living in such a war torn alternate universe the Ponies may be a lot more hardy than the Ponies from the show.


Darkspawn, they look like Orcs from The Lord of the Rings, a war like savage race with a hive mind mentality that comes out from underground every few centuries, and has to have its leader killed and driven back underground. They are non negotiable, merciless and will eat Ponies and Humans, breed like crazy and every single member of their race is a psychopathic killer and a cannibal, always attack in vast hordes. Many times had nearly wiped out both Humans and Ponies.



I think despite our difference Humans and Ponies unite against these monsters that come out from underground. Don't you think? Humans are good with machines and weapons making and Ponies got magic.


Let's say thousands of years ago the Darkspawn were created by an evil Alicorn experimenting on Humans. He viewed our species as stronger than Ponies, but weakened due to our compassion and empathy, and thus he created Darkspawn to destroy the two weak species; Ponies and Humans.

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I like how the two choices are "strong" and "weak but actually strong".

I'm just pointing it out. Not a very open questionnaire, I don't think.


I've just added a third option. "Other? (state in post.)" Which added a whole new dimension to this thread. So there would be less neutral planet posts and more entirely different ways of looking at things.

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If you put it as lets say they vs us then yes they are very Weak because they don't have guns or tanks or planes or anything apart from Spears (Thats what i saw)


But i would not forget that they have magic so i guess they would win because they could just use there magic


I do not know if they would win when they vs Darkspawn because i was just answering your 'Are they a weak race question'

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As Codelyoko said, it seems that ponies use magic in lieu of sophisticated weapons.  With that said, I'm still surprised we don't see advanced weaponry just for the earth ponies and pegasi to use.  If you have to rely strictly on unicorns for firepower and other major combat techniques, that can be a big handicap in a battle. 


With that said, the ponies are a strong race because they rule the planet.  Yes, other races may have territories and nations of their own, but their collective civilization revolves around Canterlot whether they like it or not. 


Now if a militarily powerful alien race were to attack, that could be a big problem.  While the ponies would put up resistance, I'm not convinced there are enough unicorns well trained in warfare spells to repel a full scale invasion.


I voted other, btw. 

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Ponies maintain a professional military. Guards are everywhere in the main castle.

Magic is the wildcard  in Equestria. One unicorn's magic drove off the invading changeling army.


Pegasi have superior mobility, and can sleep on clouds.

Earth ponies have superior strength (Big Mac pulled a house in one episode).

And no invader has any idea what magic the unicorns will toss at him. Every unicorn has at least one spell besides Telekinesis.


Each of the three races pose a serious threat all by itself. Combined they are far more dangerous. No. Ponies are NOT weak.

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Oh they be pretty formidable. All the unicorns combining their magic are capable of moving the Sun and Moon (as shown in Hearths Warming Eve), The Pegasi can create tornadoes and zap their foes with lightning and are very agile, and Earth ponies are very physically strong. Spears and machetes may not be that impressive but if the comics are canon then at least they got plasmids (Bioshock reference ).

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