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Request I need some help with making mlp puppets.


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Hi, I have a great idea for a mlp animation and learned how to animate with a mlp puppet and I am extreamly good at it but I would have to modify a puppet from the double rainboom; like change its skin color and put different hair set as seen here: http://www.doublerai...m/art/pupp.html

After hours of looking at pictures I found the one that will fit my character as seen below:




I just need the hair, scar on his eye, and the color for the puppet. This video will kind of give you a view of what I am trying to say: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Rlp0CU5pP28

Except in this tutorial as seen above in the YouTube video did not do front view so I would need to have all the views to make the puppet and do what I am trying to make.

I hope someone can help a bro out, that would be fantastic! :D

Thanks in advance!

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