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Hello Everypony from DreamingPink3

Dreaming Pink3

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Hi everybody,  my partner got me into MLP a few months ago, now I am an addict!  My favourite pony is Pinkie Pie and my favourite background pony is Lyra.  I also am fond of Twilight, Babs Seed, Zecora and Luna.  Outside of MLP I am a part time science teacher, didgeridoo player and a writer.  I am looking forward to creating some didgeridoo numbers for MLP- already have some ideas :-) 


Looking forward to meeting y'all


<3 Dreaming Pink3

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Oh wow welcome to the forums... I really hope you have fun with your stay here it seems that nearly everyone here is very nice so.. it should be easy :)

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Hello there, Dreaming Pink3, and welcome to the forums!


A teacher? That's an exciting job, I would imagine. The didgeridoo is a cool instrument. If you want to upload some of your music, Pony.fm is a good place to do it, as it's also part of Poniverse, so you can post links to your music directly to the forums.


There are a lot of friends here to be made, and I'm sure you'll have a great time.


If you need anything, don't hesitate to PM me.


I'll see you around. :)

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Pony didgeridoo songs!? Color me interested! The brony community never ceases to amaze me with their creativity and unique/cool ways to demonstrate their fandom! I love science... but I was never that good at it...I tried so hard tho!!! Welcome Teach!! :P so glad you joined us!!!! The herd just got smarter!!! Watch out world! We have scientists!!!! Yay! :)

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