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LOOKING FOR PIANO PLAYERS - 'Ponies Are Just Awesome' Fan Project


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Hey guys!


I just posted my very first forum post on the welcome board and in it I mentioned that I am currently working on a fairly large project with multiple people called, "Ponies Are Just Awesome". 


Ponies Are Just Awesome is a fan parody in the works, of the original Discovery Channel song "The World is Just Awesome" A.K.A "Boom De Yada". If you want more information on what the project actually is, please go to the website! http://poniesarejustawesome.weebly.com There I have written paragraph upon paragraph of what this project is about and how it is going to be played out.


Anyways, I am making this post today in hopes of obtaining a main background music artist. The main background music artist will be asked to replicate the following song's background music:




The catch is however that, not only will you be asked to replicate it on piano but I also request that you add in your own twists to give it that "magical" effect and also, preferably, throw in a tiny bit of synthesizer. As credit, you will be rewarded a spot in the closing credits of the song and also my friendship, which we all know is magic! Oh my god, I'm sorry, terrible jokes. Anyways! You get the just of the task! :)


If you would like to contact me to apply, please send me examples of your previous work and you reasoning for wanting to be part of this project, in the comments, by email (rapidwingsmlp@gmail.com), Skype (rapidwingsmlp), or YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/RapidWingsMLP/)


Thank you very much! Any more questions, feel free to comment,

Rapid Wings

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I believe I still have the chords so I'll try and give it a go. I hope it goes all well for it, and I have go for a voice too. 

Nice Website

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