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Budding Night

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So, Halloween is here and I thought I might do a little drawing to get into da mood before I go trick or treating img-1369822-1-UNZJLhS.png


Now, I'm not terribly great at drawing ponies, I haven't done it much and at the moment, I'm not comfortable with drawing bodies, so here I've done a headshot. This is one of my new OC's that I'm currently making as a filly on Nightmare Night. Since I'm new to this and I don't think I could draw anything scary for my life, I thought I'd draw something a little.. cutesy.


My eraser decided to break while I was drawing this, and I couldn't find another one around the house, so you'll have to excuse the extra lines that are here and there.


Critique would be much appreciated. Hope you enjoy! biggrin.png


(Happy Halloween, everyone!)








(If you can't read my handwriting, it says "I don't want the monsters to get me, daddy..")


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