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MLP gaming idea


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I have a general idea for an MLP game. I need suggestions and whether or not to scrap the whole thing.

It is based around the Solar Empire and New Lunar Republic. It is a generally open ended world, with multiple factions and a pony creator, so your OC can join in. More info once chance arises.

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Well, it certainly sounds interesting. I'd love to play it.

It would kind of be like that new South Park game, but not sh*t.


But the manpower needed to make it proper and include everything you'd want it to have would be giant, not to mention the people with the set of skills you require aren't exactly easy to find.

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You join in, in any of the four factions, each with their goals and enemies. You, (insert name here) have came to ponyville on a visit-but war has broke out, and you have your own views on how it shuld end. You join the faction of your choice, and will effect the history of Equestria forever...


*crystal rebellon

*currently unnamed organization (any concepts wanted)


*solar empire

*new lunar republic


That's the main problem... :(

I'll find a way eventually though.

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I can easily be rd of the OC creator, and simply use generated codes from another on the internet. As for others, getting feedback, so... :derp:

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As a matter of fact, I think I'm making what you're interested in...

Take a look at my topic, http://mlpforums.com/topic/67594-equestrian-adventures

Although, it isn't based around the Solar Empire and Lunar Republic, it's more of an open world to live your life as a pony, go on mini games with ponies to earn bits and purchase things, etc.


But, if what you're wanting is not too much work, I can attempt to help put things together in 3D.

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