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What if mlp had serious competition? ANd you had no internet.


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lets suppose MLP ran head to head with say something like kim possible and something as good as or better than gravity falls.  (yes i picked two disney cartoons, feel free to sub in stuff like kids next store or fosters or what ever).


Yes you have the option of re runs later.


Would MLP still be your first draft pick so to speak as cartoons go?


I mean before we got stuff like "watch cartoons line." and u Tube,

and as long as you have a desk top, a lap top, or a a good enough phone,


would mlp still enthrall you so?

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Yes,  since the songs were really the thing that attracted me if they gave a preview on tv of let say smile then i would definitely give it a shot. Heck if they did like a Kyrospawn thing such as show seconds of scenes on TV of  great quotes i would have been intrigued.


There are some things you need to take into account during the 90's where internet was much less common  that is probably the better time period to ponder there were great old school cartoons where i think they had the best Batman and Superman cartoons, transformers and Gundam (though i hate mecha stuff),  the best  spiderman and X-men , Rugrats, Hey Arnold, The wild Thornberries, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, there were even older cartoons showed such as the twins of destiny and Olivia and Orson,, the animals of farthing wood, and let's not forget Daria (though i never truley understood the intricacies of the writing at that age) and the funny part is there are still other great cartoons.


And there was the beginning of Anime, i was a Pokemon fan that time, and there were showing some great anime in cartoon network..


though  since MLP is beautifully written and it would have still attracted me and it would have offered something different,

though not sure what it would look like during that time the 90's was a very epic year for cartoons , yeah i would have been a fan.


But i would have valued the moral messages and joy expressed in stories though, i doubt i would have gotten the jokes as much..

it would have been my personal favourites just like Hey Arnold.

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Yes, I did get the HUB even before I got into ponies so I would still be able to see it but I since I usually watched if for Batman The Animated Series and Batman Beyond both of which aired at night at the time I may not have found out about it. I did find out about it from a friend but he found out about by seeing fanart on the internet. MLP is not my favorite show of all time, but it is in the top 10 without a doubt and most of the shows on that list are ones that aired back in the 90's.

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I watch My Little Pony on The Hub every week when there's new episodes even if there will be re-runs later. MLP will take priority over any other cartoon, because there's nothing else on TV right now that can properly compete with it in my eyes. I use YouTube for the pleasure of re-watching episodes, but I rarely use it as a means of viewing a premiere episode, unless I happen to miss the showing of it on TV. Watching it on The Hub is the best way to show support, so I try to watch all news episodes on TV. smile.png

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