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The Non-Brony's Survival Guide To Equestria - Part 1: Prologue/Forward


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Thought I'd start a project on this forum, to come up with a survival guide in the event that a non-fan of the show were hypothetically sent to Equestria. What would we tell them about the world of Equines and what to do (or not to do) while over there?  Other threads of this nature will come up, each representing a different chapter or section of our supposed survival guide. This part will be our forward or Prologue, when we tell the reader why we're writing this, what inspired us to do so, our own experiences in writing this, as well as a basic outline for how the book will be organized. 


So without further ado, I leave the prologue/ forward of "The Non-Brony's survival guide to Equestria." to you of the message board. Write as much as you want, be as serious and dedicated as you wish.


Let's get cracking. Ahem!



"To Whom it may concern,



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