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Hi Everypony, I'd like to show you my artwork :3

Inspired by 'Sleeping Beauty'

It took me a very long time, but I think the final effects is not bad.

And what do you think?





You can see my other work here.

Commission Info here.

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Oooo, pretty. And I really love how soft the shading is, just makes them look that much more cuddly.

(And I don't know if it's just me) But I feel like the background is throwing this piece off a bit. For a good little while I thought you just put a picture of a dirty hardwood floor behind the picture. (You didn't did you?) Other than that little nitpick, I'd say it's pretty awesome! yay.png

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@@SwigglySwiggly,@@Aniki, @@SwigglySwiggly,  


Thanks a lot <3 I'm glad someone likes my art ;3 



your profile picture reminds me of Foxinshadow / Vulpessentia, you have good taste in artists



Actually, this is my collab with Vulpessentia :3 I really like her style. You can see this artwork here


Fox in my opinion, is good artist, but in my country nobody likes him, because when he began to make cash he left friends. 



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