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1. Rainbow Dash

2. Twilight Sparkle

3. Pinkie Pie

4. Applejack

5. Rarity

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1) Twilight 2) Applejack 3) Princess Celestia 4) Rainbow Dash 5) Rarity  

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1. Twilight Sparkle


2. Applejack


3. Rarity - Initially, I greatly disliked her, but now she's one of my favorites.


4. Luna


5.Big Macintosh




1. Twilight Sparkle


2. Applejack


3. Luna


4. Big Macintosh


5. Fluttershy


My opinion of Rarity has deteriorated recently.


Edit 2:


1. Twilight Sparkle


2. Luna


3.Big Macintosh


4. Applejack


5. Silver Spoon

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hmm Top 5 Ponies that's a hard one, Not xD.


1) Octavia: She is just amazing even though she only has about 15 secs of screen time.

2) Twilight Sparkle: Essential to the show.

3) Dash: Epic pony but not as epic as Tavi or Twilight.

4) Fluttershy: Adorable but her shyness lets her down for me.

5) Rarity: Don't like her at all lol.



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This is quite a tough one, really ....


But for now, the list is:


* Applejack

* Pinkie Pie

* Derpy

* Big Mac

* Zecora


It is interesting though, that i seem to be the most like Twilight Sparkle .... ;)

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1. Fluttershy

2. Trixie

3. Rainbow Dash

4. Twilight Sparkle

5. Zecora


i remember how i really disliked Rainbow when i first saw the series, but now, she's the nr. 2. pony

interesting how thing change sometimes :P

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1.Pinkie Pie--OBVIOUS

2.Derpy/Fluttershy--They are both SOOOOOOOOOOOOO likable, I couldn't pick.

3.Rainbow Dash--She can sometimes get *annoying* with her "AWESOME COOL AWESOME" attitude

4.Twilight Sparkle--She's only really fun when she breaks down

5.Rarity--I used to hate her... Kind of growing on me.


I don't hate applejack, I just really, really, really, really, really, really, dislike her. ;)

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Thanks to Tom and/or Leoc... Here's my top 5 (no particular order)


Pinkie Pie


Rainbow Dash


Trixie (that's why I said "Thanks to Tom and/or Leoc" :P )

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I like all ponies, but if I had to choose...

1) Apple jack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Princess Luna, and Soarin'

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5. Apple Bloom

4. Applejack

3. Pinkie Pie

2. Rainbow Dash

and last best not least...

1. the super smart, super powerful, super sexy, and the undeniably, unquestionably, unstoppable best pony...Twilight Sparkle!

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1. Applejack, for everything about her and what she does :wub:

2. RD, 'cause I love flying and I like tomboys (Or atleast not-so girly girls) who look good at the same time

3. Twi, 'cause that voice is just smexy and.... I like her mane ^_^ . Plus, he shares the same intelligent side I have

4. Pinkie Pie. She reminds me of my former-self in 7th grade, where I was well-known for my randomness and everyone liked me for it :)

5. Appebloom, 'cause she is the sister of Applejack :P ?

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Oh man, this is rough as you have to exclude one of the Mane 6 no matter what and you got to select your supporting characters really carefully. Uhh, tentative list based on solely how I feel right now in this very moment (my favorite pony changes every few hours it seems), I'd go with...


1) Fluttershy

2) Pinkie Pie

3) Twilight Sparkle

4) Rainbow Dash

5) Luna


But dude...this is so subjective to change. Even now I'm not happy with it.

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