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Unicorn Artsy Dreamscapes


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Name: Artsy Dreamscapes
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn

Appearance: A tan-coloured unicorn with a very long dark curly mane that has red curled streaks through it. She has a shorter physique than most other ponies, and is a bit chubbier. Artsy's snout is a little on the rounder side, and as are her ears. Her horn is also smaller and her eyes are brown. For accessories, Artsy wears three things constantly. Her red glasses, her golden necklace with a small fire ruby, and a fire lily in her hair.

Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is pictured above. It is an odd abstract symbol created by Artsy herself representing her creativity. It symbolizes creativity, imagination, and artisticness. Her name is Dreamscapes because she is a dreamer who constantly spends her time coming up with odd imaginative ideas that are outside of the box. The moment she invented her cutie mark, it appeared on her flank, as it was the ultimate culmination of her creative nature.

Personality: A pony that is rather anxious and neurotic, Artsy tends to keep to herself. Eccentric and very emotional once you get to know her, with some wild mood swings at times. She displays a very passionate temper and attitude for things that she is driven to do, such as those who she cares for. Although she can be very kind and caring, she is often a little abrasive towards some of her friends to keep them from seeing her softer core and can even be insulting towards them.

However, if they ever have a problem, she is always willing to lend a listening ear. In reality, Artsy is a very sweet and imaginative pony whose head is usually brimming with odd ideas that she must express in the form of her art. Some other of her glaring flaws include extremely low confidence and lack of social graces.

Backstory: Born in simple Ponyville (in roleplays where Ponyville exists, that is) to an earth pony and a unicorn, Artsy was a young filly who had experienced many issues with her magic. It was theorized that perhaps having an earth pony for a mother weakened her abilities, but her sister seemed to display no such control issues. Her parents merely allowed this problem to festoon, assuming that she would grow out of it and learn to control her powers. This was due to her mother mostly being the most active in her upbringing and as an earth pony, there was simply nothing she knew about teaching a unicorn how to use magic.

As she entered schooling, it became more apparent that this issue would not go away. She learned by herself a very vague form of control and was able to withold using magic for a while, living merely like an earth pony as her mother did. She was a very bright student, showing intelligence and obedience to her teachers. However, being the unicorn that seemingly could not use magic, she was ridiculed and friendless. Nopony wanted to hang out with somepony as pathetic as her.

It was such ridicule, feelings of inadequacy, and loneliness that caused a lot of her emotional issues. But there was a bright side to be had for this poor pony. She was one of the first in her class to gain her cutie mark. For you see, Artsy had spent most of her time alone creating art, realms, stories, all sorts of odd ideas. She was often consumed in her work, using it to distract herself from her loneliness. In this consumption, she gained her cutie mark much earlier than most other fillies.

Artsy had often spent most of her time fantasizing about what her cutie mark would be, and drawing various versions of it. One day, after a long day of work and throwing out old ideas about possible cutie marks... the unicorn was struck with a stroke of inspiration. The magic she had been penting within was unable to be contained and suddenly burst forth from her horn, creating glorious illusions and sights of her fantasies before her. Including... an abstract symbol that had been floating around unconsciously in her mind. This odd abstract symbol, unlike anything anypony had seen before, was the pinnacle of her creativity... and immediately appeared on her flank after she used her magic to draw it out.

As she grew older, because of her previous containing of her magic, she never learned still how to quite control her magic and had random occasional bursts like baby unicorns. Because of this, she still felt rather inadequate. Though her control over her magic improved slowly and she could utilize it to finish her art, she still currently does not have full control over it. Especially her telekinesis, which is extremely sloppy for anything non-art related.

Into her adolescence, she managed to finally find friendship in a few other ponies, and blossom into a much more confident pony, albeit still with past issues.

Shifted: Alternative Backstory (Ignore if you don't know what this is about. Use the backstory above instead.)

As a human, Artsy, not being able to remember her true name due to the effects of her transformation, had a relatively shaky childhood. Though she was provided with meals and a good home, mentally, she was somewhat unstable and prone to depression. Spending most of her time friendless at every school she went, she learned that friendship was just something that was brief. Until she had met several people who had affected her life, and showed her exactly what true friends could be.

Sadly, as she was taken to Equestria, she had to leave these people behind. Remembering pretty much everything else about her life, she is extremely disgruntled about such.

Other: As previously mentioned, she has some issues of control with her magic. It particularly becomes harder to control the more emotional she becomes. The only spells she is proficient at are art-related telekinesis (such as using a pencil to draw) and the ability to cause things in her mind to manifest as untouchable illusions in reality. (Within her control though, she can only cause two things to manifest at a time. And they have to be of a smaller size. Any bigger strains and exhausts her, though she is capable if she has a sudden burst of magic that she loses control of.)

Also, Artsy has a fondness of flowers, hence the one in her mane. And the colour red is her favourite colour.

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