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Effortless Passions


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In questioning spirit of cautious glances, catching wind in devious sights

On locations far beyond horizons, sought by our eyes and hid by our minds

In the magic spectacles that hold us, bound by unfathomable desires and dreams

Of which, in the unquestioning spirit, our hopes derive, and are within reach


And so I shall come for you, heavy heart, aching and more

Struck beyond doubt in aspirations, commanding stars to fall

Allowing wishes from deepest sectors of our hearts to reign free

Imaginative wonders in our eyes, dancing forth like sparks

And altogether perfectly melded in our strongest passions


-David F.

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A brohoof seems too crude of a compliment for such work, though I doubt my words will truly suffice. I admire such command of poetic language, and though it may not be my area of expertise (I claim less than a passing knowledge), that poem strikes me as quite well done. You are a weaver of words and a creative individual. Poetry is not easy (save for the few for whom it is), and it seems you are one of the people for whom ideas flow naturally. Well done, well done.

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