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What is your SSID?


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Oh, at first I thought you were asking for Social Security numbers. <..<


Now excuse me while I change the name of wi-fi my network to something cool and/or witty.

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Since my house/apartment is on the older side, I have 2 routers, one is called "Spark," after what I nicknamed my Shinx in Pokemon Diamond, and one is called "Dash," after a particular pony, and the fact its faster than the other one.


There is one near me called "Free Porn" Sounds Legit.

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I don't have my own network so no silly names on those. But my phones wifi when I use it is called "TARDIS"


You have earned the Van der Hoof seal of approval.


Posted Image


See? There it is!


My Dad determines that stuff, so no witty stuff like that.

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My dad wanted it named "cosmo" for some reason :/


I think I'll change it to "if you can see this, get out of my driveway"


The outer walls of our house are concrete, styrofoam and brick, so the signal barely penetrates at all. It does get out into where our driveway is because the router is right by that wall. We can afford to have an unsecured network because you'd literally have to be in our driveway to connect. We have a 200 foot driveway, btw, so good luck explaining why you're there :)

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