Private Equestria Divided - When Harmony is Lost

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House Earthborn


House Earthborn

For about 10 years House Earrthborn has held out against the deceitful forces arrayed against it: the vile unicorn followers of Celestia and Luna of House Moon & Star; the honourable yet misguided Pegasus dominion of House Stormwing; the lying scum and villains of House Whitegold; the barbaric raiders of House Everfree; and the ever-present, subversive threat of the Cult of Laughter. However, thanks to the sacrifice of thousands of ponies and the military genius of the General Board, truth still lives in Equestria through House Earthborn.


The war has been in a state of stagnation for years, with none of the House gaining or losing significant portions of territory, but Supreme Commander Applejack intends to change that. Word has it that the Ever-Vigilant is mustering her forces for some purpose, though no one but the General Board and the Supreme Commander herself can tell exactly for what. Word also has it that Applebloom has been preparing expeditions to recover lost technologies that might power the Earthborn war machine, and that there has been trouble among the members of the General Board – an investigation is being put together by Commander Braeburn.


Whatever may happen, only one thing is sure: it will not bode well for the other great Houses of Equestria...



House Earthborn – Military Workshop


Out in the badlands of Earthborn territory, a vicious sandstorm was brewing. Entire dunes of sand were kicked up by mighty gales to be reformed at nature's whim, and the storm made traversing the great plains nigh-on impossible for anyone who couldn't afford a train ticket.


However, some ponies – as always – take their chances anyhow, like this one plodding slowly through the storm to the shelter of a nearby town.


Her frame showed that she was clearly a mare, though not an awful lot of other body features were visible due to the large brown scarf and goggles covering her face. A red mane, tied up in a bow, trailed behind her as she walked, fluttering in the wind.


After some time, the mare stopped at the entrance to a large building with walls of corrugated iron. Above the door hung a wooden sign, upon which was a painting of an anvil and horseshoe, which had been worn away by years of wear and tear. She pushed through the door and entered the building.


Immediately, she heard the familiar sounds of hammering and smelting; sounds she knew almost as well as her own voice. She pushed the goggles up onto her forehead and untied the scarf from around her face, revealing the visage of Master Engineer Applebloom. She trotted over to the Overseer of the workshop, who saluted, and enquired as to the presence of a certain somepony.


After her queries had been satisfied, she started to wander through the workshop, watching with an approving eye the processes of weapon and siege engine construction. However, her true target soon came into view. From this point of view, she was a white mare, with a russet mane streaked with a minty blue.

“Excuse me, Miss Braith,” Applebloom called above the noise, “Could I borrow you fer a second?”



House Earthborn – Fillydelphia


Braeburn stepped off the Fillydelphia train with the smile he always wore plastered across his face. He was not alone; he was accompanied by his personal retinue of fellow rangers, all of whom were clad in the same light chain mail, with steel plates covering their joints and other vulnerable areas.


Through the crowd of other passengers, Braeburn made his way out into the Fillydelphian streets. His hooves clip-clopped against the cobblestones as he made his way down the street and took a small slip of parchment out of his pocket, upon which an address was written in his own untidy handwriting.


“Okay, mares and gen’lecolts,” Braeburn said, grinning at his comrades “Time to go huntin’.”


The group weaved through the streets of Fillydelphia. The buildings were a far cry from the well-developed Appleloosan and New Ponyvillean architectural styles, hearkening back to the time of pioneers on the frontier, construction that was meant to be cheap, quick and easy while still remaining somewhat practical. Braeburn surveyed it all – as always – with an optimistic smile, as if pleased by the rustic air these buildings emanated.


Eventually, they found the house corresponding to the address in a more privileged area of town. Braeburn wandered up to the door and turned his head back to his companions. “Let’s see if this Blueprint gal has what it takes, eh?” he said, and rapped on the door.



House Earthborn – Appleloosa – Military Assembly Ground

In Appleloosa, General Big Macintosh strode through the training grounds with grim determination. Each step sent up a burst of dust, and his heavy steel plate armour shone in the late morning sun.


It was never comfortable wearing such bulky, stuffy armour in this weather, but as a General and a Juggernaut Big Mac had come to be able to ignore such things. To him, his armour was a second layer of skin; an inflexible, shiny layer of skin that could deflect blades, but skin nonetheless.


After some time, the General reached the assembly ground, where the regiments were assembled. In Appleloosa alone, Big Mac had 4,000 ponies under his command; 1,200 Ponies-At-Arms, 400 Juggernauts, and 400 ranged infantryponies, and that still wasn't counting the Siege Corps regiments. The entirety of them assembled in one place was a magnificent sight, with banners aflutter and stallions stood in neatly trimmed ranks. It was almost enough to bring awe to an old veteran’s heart.


That very same veteran slowly trotted forward until he was just a few metres away from the front ranks of soldiers. He looked them over with a neutral facial expression, and then began to speak.


“Mares and gentlecolts of House Earthborn!” he shouted, throwing his voice to the very last ranks “It has been many years since we last marched out through the gates with steel in our hooves and fire in our hearts, to bring the light of truth to the other Houses of Equestria. However, now the time has come to sound the war horns once again, and march onwards to glory!”


A great gale of cheering went up from the soldiers, though Big Macintosh did not smile. Instead, he pressed on with the speech, his voice growing in ferocity with each word.


“This is no ordinary military operation, however, no; today we march on the strongholds of our greatest foe. Today, we march to liberate thousands of our enslaved brethren. Today, we march to purge Equestria of the deluded unicorn overlords of House Moon & Star!”


His voice was no longer stoic and firm. It swelled with fervent rage, and the General began to pace up and down in front of the assembly, his eyes narrowed.


“We will tear down their high towers, destroy their temples to their deceitful goddesses, and drag their decadent, warped lords and ladies out into the air to see the might of the Ponies, and see what they have done to the earth ponies and pegasi of our land!”


He stopped once more, gathering a great breath for his finishing line.




That provoked an even greater uproar among the ranks, and Big Macintosh finished by giving the command to the scribes to take account of their companies. The diligent members of the Supply Corps immediately set to work, registering each member of their company.


Far across the yard, a beige-coated stallion in glasses stood before two ponies, a mare and a stallion. “Long Stride and Poppy Seed, is it?” he asked.



House Earthborn – Appleloosa – The Bastion


The Bastion was the magnificent capitol of House Earthborn, a great structure of wood, stone and steel that was a monument to all that could be achieved by ponies, without the corrupt magic of unicorns. Its outer walls were engraved with the horseshoe emblem of House Earthborn, and banners of red, ochre and yellow hung from its battlements, also bearing their own collectivist imagery.


Inside this building was the heart of Earthborn society: the Council Chambers. In those venerable halls the General Board convened to discuss matters of war and statecraft, guiding their House along the path of truth while also discussing how they might destroy their enemies.


On this very day the Board had convened again, and the Generals who were not deployed elsewhere were gathered around the Round Table. The table was made of deep black ebony wood and had a simple gold trim, and was meant emphasise the equality of the Board's members. No pony sat at the table's head, and no pony was higher or lower than the pony next to him; they were simply leaders of the house, here to serve the people and guide the House to victory.


Supreme Commander Applejack stood stiffly behind her own chair, staring with her one good eye at the clock on the wall. The smallest hand reached the top, marking the time as 12 o'clock noon.


It was time to begin.


“Gentlecolts,” she began, looking over each of the present Generals in turn “Are we ready to begin?”


“Yes, Supreme Commander,” they replied in unison.


“Are we of the singular purpose of furthering the needs of the House and its people?”


“Yes, Supreme Commander.”


“And are we resolved that, no matter what may transpire here today, the truth, and nothing but the truth, will be uttered within these walls?”


“Yes, Supreme Commander.”


“Then we may begin.”


The Supreme Commander pulled out her chair – like the table and the other chairs, ebony wood trimmed with gold – and seated herself. The chain mail links of her armour clinked as they slid under her outer layer of plate mail, though she did not carry her war hammer with her at this time, for no weapons were permitted within the Council Chambers.


The Supreme Commander looked at the six empty spaces around the table. Five of the Generals were deployed in the east, including Big Macintosh, and would rendezvous in Moon & Star territory later. The last empty space was that of General Steel Shield, who had been found dead in his quarters a day or two ago. Applejack did not look forward to replacing the stallion – he was a likeable and competent pony, and the stars knew that there was enough trouble on the Board as it was without an upstart disrupting affairs. Nevertheless, it had to be done, for the good of the people.


The other four chairs were occupied by the Generals Golden Kernel, Smart Flank, Protractor and Brazen Hooves. While decent military commanders, the specialities of these Generals lay in more domestic aspects of the House, and they had all risen to their current positions by way of their own efforts.

“Okay y'all, Ah ain't got much to say, so I'll make this quick,” said Applejack, her tone a far cry from the ceremonial introduction she had made earlier “This war's been goin' on fifteen years now, and nopony's made any progress whatsoever. It's time to shift the balance of power a little.”


Three of the Generals merely nodded, but Brazen Hooves spoke up, pushing his black visor cap back off his brow as he did so “And how would we do that, Supreme Commander?”


Applejack looked at the General for a long time, and he dropped his gaze back to the table. The Supreme Commander continued to stare him down as she talked.


“To do so, General Brazen hooves, Ah intend to head north and parley with House Stormwing. While they are misguided, they seem to be more prone to honourable acts than the rest of our foes, and Ah think that they would be more inclined towards an alliance, too. Have Ah explained myself to you with sufficient detail, General?


Brazen Hooves continued to stare at the table as he replied “Y-yes, Supreme Commander. I apologise.”


The Supreme Commander kept her gaze on him again “Good. Now, are we all in agreement regardin' this matter, or am I goin' to have to sit on mah flank doin' nothin' for another year or two?”


Every pony around the table raised their hoof to show their support for the operation, and Applejack allowed herself a small smile “Why, thank y'all. Motion carried,” she pushed the chair back away from the table and stood, and the other Generals followed suit. They saluted one another in unison, and filed out of the room, leaving Applejack on her own.


As soon as they had left, Applejack gave a sigh of relief and removed her helmet, letting her untied hair fall free for a moment as she reached back to tie it into its traditional ponytail shape.


Well, that could have gone worse, she thought to herself. She was somewhat glad that the other Generals weren't present. She suspected that General Bountiful would have objected heavily to her idea – his distaste for pegasi was well known on the Board and in the lower echelons. After all, he was the first to coin the racist slur of “feather duster,” a derogatory term referring to the fragility of pegasus auxiliaries in battle.


With her helmet hooked around her neck by its leather strap, the Supreme Commander left the Council Chambers and the Bastion, stepping out into the sunlight. Immediately, she headed to the north gate, where her personal guard were waiting for her.


“Good mornin' to you, ma'am,” the lead stallion said, smiling “I take it the Board were in agreement with your proposal?”


The Supreme Commander greeted him with a smile and a chuckle “Yes, thank the stars. We're good to go.” And with that they set off north for Stormwing territory.



House Moon and Star


House Moon and Star

"Status report!" Archmagister Twilight commanded to the two Inquisition members walking beside her as they traversed their way through the castle.

"Slave production seems to be increasing ma'am. All thanks to that professors technique. We will be able to keep the slaves better in line and more productive." One of them replied.

"That is good to hear. We should train more to able to use it. What's the status on the other Houses?"

"There doesn't appear to be much activity lately." Another replied "The border troops haven't noticed any mobilization."

"Anything on the Whitegold spies? Any sightings of Cultists?"

"Negative ma'am. The spies we found out two days ago have not been located. And still nothing from the Cultists in Hoofington."

"Keep searching then. I want those Cultist out of my House and I want those spies caught, but kept alive."

"Yes ma'am!" They both said.

"You two are dismissed." They both bowed their heads and went off. Twilight soon reached her private study and took of her hat levitating over to a desk. She sighed and then walked forward towards a bookcase.

"Good evening Sparkle." Trixie, sitting in the chair Twilight normally sit in, was waiting for her to enter the room. She spun it around in a dramatic way and was smiling, and leaning back in the chair smug as can be when she looked at Twilight.

"Trixie?" Twilight responded. She sighed again. "How many times must I tell you, call me Archmagister Sparkle. Not just 'Sparkle'. What are you doing here anyway, and why are you in my seat?"

"Oh Twiley. We don't need to speak to each other so formally now do we? Don't you think you and Trixie share an informal relationship?" Trixie said chuckling a bit.

"No. And don't call me that childish name either. Just get out of my chair." Twilight said aggravated and annoyed.

"Certainly your Archmagister-ness." Trixie moving off and bowing her head. "Now, Trixie takes it you received the documents she sent you?"

Twilight sat down in the chair. When Trixie mentioned the documents Twilight took them out from her desk and layed them on top. "Yes I did. These are very interesting. The ideas here could work if the machine is properly built. We maybe closer to ascension now. This will require more slave work however, but that shouldn't be much of an issue thanks to that professor. How did you obtain this papers?" Twilight asked

"They were delivered to Trixie, and which then Trixie delivered them to you."

"I see... but who gave these to you? You still also haven't said why you were hear?" Twilight kept questioning.

"Ah, Trixie is hear for the meeting."


"You see, the donator of these papers said he wanted you to see them first before he discusses them with you. So Trixie told him to come meet us here later."

When Trixie finished her sentence there was a knock at the door to the room. "That must be him." Trixie said. She opened the door and welcomed him in. He was wearing a brown hood over his head. When he finally approached Twilight he took off the hood to reveal himself.

"Oh, this is a surprise." Twilight said smirking. "Wasn't expecting you to be hear. You of all ponies are the one who wrote these?"

"Y-Yes. I was."

"How very interesting. Maybe I was wrong about you." Twilight said still grinning almost as if she were a Cultist

"Well..." The stallion sighed. "Twilight, I have a proposition to make."

"Oh I can see that. But do go on, my faithful student. I'm listening."


* * *


"Power through knowledge, and ascension through Magic" That's motto of Magnificent 'One Nation Under Moon and Star'. Otherwise known as to the heathens as House Moon and Star. We are The House that took over and gain control of Canterlot and the surrounding cities a few years after the Sister's disappearance in order to regain order and cease the Chaos currently brewing in Equestria because of their disappearance. Though some didn't agree with us. None the less, Shinning Armor and Cadence were chosen as the new King and Queen, however Archmagister Twilight Sparkle is our true leader.


We are the Chosen of Celestia and Luna to ascend, to become like them, and were destined to rule over all and with the help of the great Archmagister we shall accomplish this. In order to fully aid us in our goal and keep us on the righteous path The Celestial Inquisition, headed by Grand Inquisitor Trixie Lulamoon, were assigned to silence Heretics, blasphemers, and traitors who speak against the Word of the Sisters and keep order in the House. We, the Unicorns of Equestria, not the filthy earthponies and barbarian pegasi, will be the Race worthy of Ascension; the only ones fit to rule.


Over the years we'eve had to fight in this bloody war, to quell the other traitorous houses of Earthborn, Stormwing, Whitegold, and Everfree, along with having to deal with the insane Cult of Laughter. Our military strong and trained in the ways of the arcane, and as long as Celestia is our guide, we shall not fail her. However, with every year that passes, we come closer an closer to ascension, experimenting and gaining knowledge, and when that day finally comes we will no longer need to fight this pointless war. But until then we shall beat back the savages and blasphemers, our Inquisition rooting them out without our home, and our Legion fighting them out in the land. As for our Loyal Citizens, they shouldn't need to work the land and grow food, that is an Earthponies job. Therefore under Celestia's guidance, the ones here are made what they were meant to do and be our servants and workers.


Until recently, the great Archmagister has been focusing on a way to allow the Unicorns Under Moon and Star to ascend, and we are close. So Archmagister Sparkle has called for an increased workforce, an put into law now all non-unicorns shall be put to work, instead of some just being lower class citizens. Though this shouldn't effect Canterlot much, seeing as there are no non-unicorns there. And thanks to a recent discovery, our new workers can now work without their minds being clouded. Up until three days ago, Twilight and her fellow members have discovered a way to build a new mechanism with can assist the house in the arcane and possibly even allow for ascension. Construction and experimentation shall begin soon.


Now, in House Moon and Star, it is currently morning. Ponies waking up and starting about their business. Twilight has sent a message to her two students, Eternity and Star Rain, to come meet her in her private dinning room fro lunch at around noon.


As for the Inquisition. Trixie has ordered Inquisitors to come Snowy Fields and Kinetic Energy to meet her in the headquarters for the Inquisition and is located underneath the Castle. Usually known as the Main Research Facility. Even though, most torture and interrogation along with pony experimentation's happens here, a lot of research is also done here. Though its mainly all the top secret research. Most of regular experimentation and research is done in Canterlot itself in actual Research facilities and labs. Trixie was to give them a mission to acquire a genius scientist, known as Astrolabe located and Hoofington and bring her back to Canterlot, since they will need great minds to help construct the mechanism.



House Everfree


House Everfree – Old Castle Hall

Two ponies stood sentinel outside pair of tall, ancient doors. Yet they were not... quite... ponies. It was as if an artist had tried to draw a pony, yet gotten certain features of the appearance of a pony horribly wrong. They were scaly things, with snakelike tails and horrible yellow fangs, that clashed slightly with their matted, light persian blue coats. One had the tattered remains of what looked like a pink bow in her mane. Both of these monstrosities, these... wraiths looked slightly bored in their vigilance, as if they'd rather be spending their time ripping things apart.


The castle around them showed signs of decay and attempted repair. There were holes high in the windows and even in the doors before which they stood, although each hole had been patched up with dense spiderwebs. There were portions of wall and floor in which the stone appeared newer and less rugged, less worn than the rest as well. It was obvious that major renovations had just been performed on the place, yet there was still work to be done. Moss and ferns still grew in corners of the room, and vines crisscrossed the walls and even the doors, the paint of which had faded into sinister shades of burgundy and brown.


A flash of green light suddenly emanated from the room the zebras were guarding, shining through the spiderwebbed hole in the door. The pattern the webs cast upon the light was eerie, and for a moment, it appeared the foliage in the room had come to life, wriggling about as the light source shifted, causing the pattern to move. Then the light went out, and the wraiths, seeming quite unfazed, glanced dully at each other.

House Everfree – Old Castle Sacrificial Chambers

Behind the heavy, ancient doors was what once must have been a bedroom, the dwelling place of the Princesses in days far past. Now, the coziness that must once have existed in the room was long gone. The decorations on the walls, in any case, were definitely not ones one would keep in a bedroom. Among these decorations were a collection of sharp instruments, many shining red as if they had been recently used. Others displayed various bones and stuffed heads, one of which, oddly enough, had once belonged to a bunny. A bearskin rug occupied the floor of the center of the room, lying next to a great black cauldron and a cold stone table. On this table, gagged and bound in a puddle of his own blood, was a terrified, sobbing pegasus, who stared up in horror at the two figures who stood above him. He could not see either of their faces. The lit torches behind them made sure of that.


“Too much marrow, not enough tail,” said the taller of the two, she who had golden bangles dangling around her neck, and what looked like the bones of pony feet for earrings. “If kept like this, you will surely fail.”


“I know, I know,” said the other, sounding impatient. The blue eyes peered longingly at the colt’s tail, before flitting up his body to gaze at one of the sharp instruments on the wall.


“His wing provided the required taste, which will be lost if you act with haste.”


“I know!” Fluttershy snapped, grabbing a long, thin, rusty knife off the wall. Zecora recoiled, as if half expecting her to lash out, but Fluttershy merely trotted back to the pegasus’ side. She adopted a kind, sweet voice she might have once used when talking to a sweet baby squirrel. “Don’t worry, little guy. This will only hurt for a second. It should be easier for you than your first operation was.” Glancing down at the nub where one of his wings had once been, the colt began to whimper and squirm. And with a mighty swipe, a thud, and a squeal of pain, Fluttershy walked over to where Zecora was standing next to the cauldron, carrying a long crimson tail. She contemplated the contents of the cauldron for a second before dropping the tail in. There was another flash, this time a nauseating orange, and Fluttershy laughed. “It’s done! It’s finally done!”


Ladling the potion into two ancient chalices, she gave one to Zecora, who walked over to the colt and ungagged him. He whimpered again, seemingly incapable of speech. “Now, now, drink up, little guy! Mama Fluttershy promises it’ll make you all better!” And at the same time, Fluttershy drained her goblet as Zecora forced the contents of the other down the colt’s throat.


The colt shuddered, and his head fell back to the table. His heart had stopped beating.

Fluttershy, meanwhile, had her eyes closed in apparent ecstasy. Zecora watched with slight revulsion as her master threw her cup aside and open her eyes in a look of pure exhilaration. Her eyes had turned pure blue, and had Sombra-like streams of similarly-colored shadows streaming from them. “It worked!” she exclaimed jubilantly. “He’s back! The Liege has come back to me!”


And it was over as soon as it started. Fluttershy’s eyes returned to their normal size, shape, and color, and the greater presence she had felt brush her mind had left.


The forest around her shuddered from the force of Fluttershy’s rage. Yet another attempt had failed. She had been thwarted, yet again, from reaching her love. Her Liege.


House Everfree – Tree of Wisdom -- Alter

The smattering of ponies that lined the large courtyard looked bored. For the most part, they looked a wild bunch, although there were exceptions. They were circled around what appeared to be a short earthen platform, which stood before what must have been one of the most largest, most ancient trees in the Everfree Forest. The branches of this tree reached out and covered the entire clearing, speckling the crowd into a noontime twilight.


Three ponies already stood on the mound, looking out among the crowd. They seemed to be waiting for something. The red-maned one looked at her companions, and murmured, "She's late. The Shriekers are getting impatient. You know they don't like having to come to these in the first place."


The crowd was, on second glance, divide into pretty well-defined groups. The meekest were lounging about, rolling in the grass and sniffing flowers. The rowdiest, which must be the Shriekers, seemed almost to be in a moshpit. They were pushing and shoving each other, and everyone was avoiding the Wraiths that were in this group, and a certain unspeakable act of ritual was being performed right for the three Head Druids to witness.


With a look of distaste, the green-eyed one responded, "Absolutely right, Roseluck. She's never been this late before. Do you think we should try and soothe them a bit?"


"Now, Daisy, dear. I doubt even a bull would want to interrupt one of Nature's Fury's Shrieking Orgies," said the third, blonde one, just as one of the wraiths from in that mass of bodies let out the namesake shriek. "Only our kind lady can quell them." "Lily's right, Days," Rose piped in. They looked on in slight distaste at Nature's Fury for a few moments longer before a pegasus landed by their side, with a fifth, a zebra, galloping a short way behind.


"Today's rite took longer than usual," said Fluttershy. "You haven't had much trouble waiting, have you?" A shriek from Nature's Fury answered her question. Without missing a beat, Fluttershy turned, and simply stared at her audience, which fell silent immediately and started to give her its utmost attention.


Roseluck, Lily Valley and Daisy thus began to site the ritualistic lines as a line of struggling and chained ponies were led onto the stage by a filthy unicorn mare, young to the ranks of Everfree. Fluttershy knew she must walk the Path of the Forest, but was otherwise not overly familiar with the pony. After all, it was only recently that she had come to her attention. She was not even sure which tribe she belonged to. Well, that would have to be fixed eventually.


"You know what to do?" Fluttershy whispered in the ear of the mare. The mare's ear twitched, as did the rose resting behind it. "Of course I do," responded Evergreen, who disappeared behind the mound once she had chained the prisoners still.


The ritual went smoothly. As the druids recited the verse, one by one, Fluttershy and Zecora made their way down the line of POWs, ending their lives, purifying them. And with each death came a slight shudder of the Tree of Wisdom behind them.


Fluttershy smirked. The young Evergreen was doing exceptionally well. Without Evergreen’s magical talents, the trees would have stood still, emotionless, impassive to their rituals. Like they would have before the Liege had spoken to her. And like they hadn’t in a long while. But there was no need to worry. After all, all going according to plan. The problem was hidden well. Nopony need know that anything was wrong with Fluttershy’s connection. And with the ritualistic end to the last prisoner, the tree stood still.


"Tonight, we feast!"


With one final magical prod from the unicorn, the tree burst into full bloom, and the crowd burst into talk. The members of the Six Tribes that had been present began to mingle; Thorns and Callers, Rooters and Young Ones, Shriekers and the Favored all spoke with one another and chatted merrily as what remained of the mutilated prisoner corpses were dragged into their midst.



House Everfree – Ghastly Gorge Forward Scout Camp

The scout camp, named thus for the Gorge it was located just west of, was buzzing with activity. The majority of the scout camp’s inhabitants were Callers, which was to be expected, considering the outpost had been constructed near the Bear’s Tooth Wildling Camp. Other tribes, namely Nature’s Fury and Her Watchful Eyes had strong presences in the camp too – the Shriekers’ camp was not much farther away than the Callers’, and the Favored seemed to poke their noses in at every Scout Camp.


The tension between the tribes inhabiting this camp was almost tangible. The Callers and the Favored both seemed to share a disdain for the Shriekers, who could not be persuaded to leave, but it was obvious the Callers would like to have been shot of the Favored just as much as they wanted rid of the Shriekers. As far as they were concerned, this camp was Bear’s Tooth territory. Every here and there, minor skirmishes seemed to break out, usually thanks to a Shrieker, but every fight was broken up quickly by timely Caller and Favored interventions.


The camp itself seemed indistinguishable from the rest of the forest but for one reason. The only feature the camp had to offer that set it apart from any other patch of forest were the Treewatches. Each tree within the loosely-defined borders of the campsite seemed oddly, yet elegantly, deformed. It would take anypony a good twenty seconds of looking at any one oddly-shaped, thick-trunked tree to realize that it was more than met the eye. Everfree’s Druids had done a very good job of shaping the trees into little buildings of their own.


Each tree in the camp had a hole at the base of the trunk, large enough for a pony to enter. Two Everfree Wraiths, one with a tattered pink bow adorning her head, ran at a sprint into the camp from the west. They didn’t pause to say hi to any of the Callers or Favored, many of whom looked alarmed at the pace these two were keeping. The wraiths entered a hole at the base of one trees near the center of the camp, where they climbed the narrow, spiraling staircase molded into the wood within.


They reached a round room with wide windows after a couple of flights up the stairs, where a small congregation of ponies had already gathered. This central Treewatch seemed to be akin to a command room – glancing out the window, the wraith with the pink bow noticed similar windows and protrusions made by the room in which they stood on all the trees around, and that their room was rather higher off the ground than the others, giving a good view of the entire camp.


“Ah, Flitter, Cloud Chaser, welcome! You bring news?”


An official-looking Caller had spoken. The wraith with the unrulier mane – Cloud Chaser – approached the Caller, and dropped a small pouch at his hooves. He stooped to pick it up, then set it on the table. While he and two other ponies that obviously belonged to Her Watchful Eyes and Nature’s Fury respectively, Flitter and Cloud Chaser lulled about.


“She wants us to raid the Fillydelphia Gem Mines?” The Favored representative looked bemused, but the Caller looked indignant.


“But that’s a suicide mission! It’s one thing to raid the caravans that Whitegold sends towards Bordertown and Iron Spire, but to actually attack one of Earthborn’s most crucial and heavily defended complexes—“ “Are you questioning Lady Fluttershy?” the Favored interrupted coolly. “Maybe she’ll find you a place at the altar if you don’t want—“ “No, no no, no!” The Caller looked resentful, but insistent. “I’m just not sure of the advisability of a direct engagement, especially so close to Earthborn’s Heartland. If we were just raiding the caravan that brings the gems back to Fillydelphia—“ “We’d just be farther into the Earthborn territory, and in case you’ve forgotten, sticking to the fringes of their territory has been doing us well. The Forest can only expand so fast, you know.”


The Shrieker, who had been sitting there, looking bored, said in a deep grunt, “We have our orders. To get gems.” He licked his lips. “And the more Earthborn blood we get to taste on the way, the better.”


The three tribal representatives for the camp continued to argue and banter on how the best way to get Fluttershy what they wanted for a good hour, and after that hour, Flitter and Cloud Chaser left the Ghastly Gorge Camp to report the good news to their master.


House Stormwing

House Stormwing

“What is the terror of death? That we die with our work incomplete?


“What is the joy of life? To die knowing our task is done?


“This is all that remains of an idea, a far-flung hope that we may rekindle the flames of peace and democracy. But that’s all it was; a hope. That’s the price we pay for survival, for honour.


“Cloudsdale, here is where it all started. I can still see the remnants of its former majesty from my window, although it has long since succumbed to decay like the rest of this damned city. Now they serve as a cold reminder of what once was, where politicians and senators bicker over commerce and trade. I can still hear them, even now.


“All they talk of now is the attack, the one that none of us could have foreseen. It all happened so fast, no time to even register the danger. The Agora was consumed in fire and death by some kind of explosive, be it magical or otherwise. We are no closer to finding out how, let alone why it happened.


“Our moral took the largest blow of all, a hundred lying dead or dying in the blackened market square. It brought the truth closer to home than any of us could have ever imagined; we cannot avoid this war for much longer, it will come to us soon enough. We’ve been contempt to dwell here in the sky, far above the danger that lurks bellow. The call for action has gone up only to be met by deaf ears.


“The senate will not listen no matter how much we plead our case, and without their support, we can only do so much. Even my own power is limited in the eyes of democracy, or what’s left of it. A few among them have headed our warnings, but we are no closer to achieving our goal. War is on our doorstep and we are running out of time.


“And so the task of saving our city is left to me once again. Somepony must be held accountable for their crimes against the city, I will make sure of that. However, I fear what we find may bring more harm than good. Was this attack coordinated by an outside faction… or did it come from within? I cannot leave that to chance.”



The parchment was suddenly stained by a splotch of deep blue, soaking the corner of the page and obscuring some of the text.


“Merda! Damn it.” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in annoyance. She wasn’t in any mood to write the whole damn thing out again, especially with how tedious it was to write with a quill in your mouth. She set the inkwell back upright and attempted to wipe off as much of the mess as she could.


She’s been confined to her study for most of the evening writing out these letters, all of them addressed to Commanders, Thanes and Senators that may rally to her cause. It had been a while since she’d filled out any actual paper work, a task left to the more “intelligent” individuals. This, however, was of the utmost secrecy for the time being.


‘Might as well finish it now.’ She thought to herself, taking out her quill again and dipping it in the ink well. ‘Now where was I again?’



“In order to ensure our city’s safety I have begun arrangements for a company to be assembled, a group of individuals who still understand the true concept of loyalty. You have proven yourself to be a capable leader and soldier, traits I admire highly. Your contribution to our cause could be the weight that tips the scales in our favour.


“Our operation is of the utmost secrecy. The information in this letter in to be viewed by your eyes only. Should you choose to accept then you will rally with us at the Caserma (Barracks) as the sun rises on the third day this week. However, if you choose not to head the call… then the Codes of Honour shall be the decider of your fate.


“For the glory of House Stormwing,


“Force Commander Supreme Rainbow Dash, Head Archon of Stormwing, Regent of Cloudsdale”




Dash finally addressed the letter to Commander North Arrow, the last pony on her list. Satisfied, Rainbow gave the ink a moment to dry before folding it and sealing it inside the envelope. Sealing it with the emblem of her house, she added it to the collection of letters waiting to be sent off.


‘That’s the last of them,’ She thought to herself, taking up the finished copies and binding them in twine. ‘I just hope that it’s not too late already.’


Rainbow’s ear twitched slightly as she recognized the sound of hoofsteps approaching behind her, concealing the letters as she turned to face the intruder.


“Per l'amor di Celestia, Scootaloo!?”


“Ciao Dash!”


“Uggh, in Equestrian please.”


“Oh, okay then. Hey Dash.”


The rainbow mare let out a sigh of relief, setting the letters down on her desk. “Damn, you almost gave me a heart attack.”


“Why? What’ve you been working on for hours? I thought we had our regular training tonight?”


Dash mentally smacked herself for her poor memory. “Sorry about that kiddo, maybe tomorrow if I have time. I just have some boring paper work to fill out and send.”


Scootaloo raised an eyebrow at this. “Since when did you ever do paperwork? I though you said that was a job for all those ‘tight-ass politicians’ and all that?”


Finally Rainbow relinquished her guard. “Alright, I’ll tell you. But this stays between us, clear?” Scootaloo nodded eagerly. “These letters are addressed to a few… individuals let’s say who I believe will be able to help us get to the bottom of the attack on the market square.”


Scootaloo immediately perked up at mention of this. “Oh oh oh, can I help?!”


“Absolutely not, too dangerous for you. Besides, don’t you have some scouting route to manage?”


“Yeah, but I’ll let Rumble take over that for a while. You could use my skills for this anyway, I was the best tracker in the academy after all.”


Rainbow was slightly torn over this. “You’re not taking no for an answer, are you?”




What harm could it be then? “Fine, you can help. Meet us in in two days by the barracks.”


“Aww man, no fair! Why do I always have to- Wait did you just say yes?”


Rainbow rolled her eyes. “Yes, I did.”


“Thank you thank you thank you thank you-”


“I get it Scoots, you’re grateful. Just keep this between us for now, this isn’t exactly within my rights of leadership.”


Scootaloo motioned sealing her lips. “You got it.”


Dash let a faint smile creep up her face, giving Scootaloo’s mane a light ruffle. “Thanks kiddo.”


“Dash, I’m not a kid anymore.”


“I know.”



So another day dawns on Equestria. All the grandeur of the sunrise lost upon those who now witness it. Golden streaks of light do nothing but lighten the grey veil, all warmth drowned by the northern gales.


The city of Cloudsdale had since plunged into a deep silence, shutting out all the usual sounds of trade and politics. The barracks however were still very much active, the sound of slashing steel and breaking iron still echoing from the stone complex. It gave Rainbow some comfort to know that not everything had been muted, even if it is reminiscent of the sounds of battle.


The commander waited outside the entrance to the barracks, a grand courtyard that displayed the regal majesty of what the house once was. In the centre stood the statue of Commander Stormwing himself, Bane of the East and founder of Windsoar. The first signs of decay were beginning to show through now, the smooth white marble fading to grey and cracks appearing on the surface. Dash could only manage a passing glance.


This, however, didn't seem to dampen the spirits of the young scout. Scootaloo was still very much eager to begin investigations and could only imagine what kind of team Rainbow Dash was trying to assemble.


Maybe some kind of the Griffon Elite, or maybe even the Royal Lancers. Fighting alongside them would be a dream come true, rumour having that they could wipe out a battalion of Ponies at Arms in ten seconds flat.


Rainbow didn't know if they would even show up at all…



House Whitegold


House Whitegold

The light shining from the chandeliers in the hallways of the Ivory Tower reflected light all around. The wine-red carpet combined with the intricate golden patterns etched into the white walls and doors and the marble tiles showed that many wealthy ponies resided within. In fact one of them, a mare somewhat covered in crystals and clad in silk, emerged from a room with a red cross and waited outside for a couple minutes or more. It was clear which class in society she was in, but she wasn’t just any rich pony.


She’s Lady Rarity of House Whitegold, beautiful, charming, and just as shrewd. And after a half hour of waiting, just as frustrated.


Sweetie Belle still isn’t here. Just what is she doing at this time without her personal guard?! As always, her emotions weren’t apparent but she was seething on the inside as she traversed the tower in search of the Artisan District patron. Calmly and with good mannerism, she questioned passerbys about her whereabouts and it didn’t take much questioning to set her in the right direction. Unfortunately for her, she was delayed by a shout from the patron of the Merchant District.


“Yes, Diamond Tiara?” Rarity asked, trying to sound patient while hurrying the conversation up. She really wanted to make sure her sister was alright.


“Lady Rarity, I have an urgent message from the resources department!” she exclaimed while trying to put up a facade of dignity. It was quite like the act a five year-old playing make-believe would put on.


“And you put it in your weekly report, I presume?” Rarity responded impatiently, making it clear she was in a hurry.


“W-well, no. But it happened yesterday. We’re running low on metal for The Wall, the Arcane, and the Artisan Districts’ use.” Diamond Tiara spat the last district’s name out like bitter almonds. The head of House Whitegold wasn’t surprised at the contempt she held for her sister.


“And when did you find this out?”


“A few days ago, ma’am.”


“And you couldn’t have just send a note then?”


“Well no, but I was busy and-”


“Diamond Tiara, I understand. But you have really got to pick up the pace or I may have to revoke you from your position. Your father would be most upset, would he not?”


The patron of the Merchants District pursed her lips and wore a scowl.


“And please notify us of anything urgent, especially low supplies. We don’t want to damage the last civil remnant of a once-great society, now do we?” While Rarity’s tone of voice was almost motherly, somewhere in it was the sensation of being force-fed sugar.


“I myself have urgent business to take care of, so please go back to work,” she said bluntly, leaving without looking back once.




“One day the light of love, though it may seem far away, will shine again in your eyes(transcend and rise above...) But there’s only one-”


“SWEETIE BELLE!!!” cried a shrill voice.


This caused the famed singer to jump and put her hoof over where her heart is. She looked as if a volcano had just erupted and exploded. Which at the moment was metaphorically true.


“Geez sis! You almost gave me a heart attack!”


“You almost gave me a heart attack! Why did you not wait for me and where is your guard?!”


“I had some work and practicing to do and you were taking a long time in the infirmary. Also, I gave my guard the day off,” Sweetie Belle answered casually.


Rarity wasn’t too casual about it. “But you could’ve been kidnapped or assassinated or-”


“Those safety measures you’ve taken have proven VERY effective. Not to mention, that assassin is in jail, in a cell with the highest quality of restraints, and on DEATH ROW. I don’t need a whole battalion following me around!”


The older mare clenched her teeth in frustration. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was right. Besides, it would draw more unwanted attention that wouldn’t be good either.


She sighed a deep sigh and composed herself. “Alright then. I’ll take a few-” Sweetie Belle shot her a look.


“Ok ok! I’ll take 10 of them off! That’ll leave you with a quarter of the guard. Happy now?!”


The younger mare gave a wholehearted smile. “Yes, very.”


“Sigh... It’s just... When I was on the verge of losing you last month to that assassin, I had no idea what I would do. It was like my disease was taking over at an accelerated rate. You’re my only grip on sanity until they can find the cure and you’re the only one I really can trust. And if they can’t find one on time, you’re the only one who can carry on my legacy.” This was one of rare those times were Rarity sheds even a single tear.


Her sister smiled warmly and placed a hoof on her shoulder. They may bicker often, but she was still her sibling. “I understand sis. Now let’s not dwell on that. There’s something I’d like to give you! All you have to do is close your eyes. No peeking!”


Rarity complied while Sweetie Belle took out a lavender envelope with golden writing on it and placed it in her hooves. It had the Artisan District’s seal on it, which was a music note, a paintbrush, and a scroll forming a triangle with a cursive A at the center.

“Alright, now you can open them!”


Having gotten these many times in the past, it was easily recognizable and it was no surprise really. Still, it was like curling up in front of a burning hearth after a tough day out in the cold.


“Why Sweetie Belle, an invitation to your next show? You shouldn’t have!”


“Yeah, it’s a play actually and I’m the one singing the opening theme. The rest is in there, so you can read it back in your room.”


“Yes, thank you Sweetie Belle. And sorry for earlier. I’ll try not to worry too much.”


With a nod from the patron of the Artisan District, Rarity closed the door behind her and started toward her room/office.




It was no surprise that there was a pile of mail waiting for her behind her door(which by the way has a ton of locks that open in different ways and a single slot thin enough for an envelope to get through). Rarity went through the usual process of making sure there weren’t any toxins or enchantments or other things that could be fatal before opening them.


The mail consisted of the patrons’ weekly reports, a notification on an increasing crime rate in the Arcane District, a letter from the resources department about the low quantity of metal, a status report on the movements of the other Houses (Stormwing in particular caught her attention), and other things. It was almost as tiring as her job back in Ponyville (And also not as enjoyable).


She then turned to the dress she was working on. It was already on a mannequin but it looked like it was draped in fabrics of various shades of blue. So far though, it was coming along quite well, but there were still some things to edit in or out. It was especially daunting considering she never really worked with Thneed material before. Still, it would be worth the effort.


As she sewed and worked her magic, Rarity reassured herself with the same belief that she herself has passed on to the wealthiest of the factions.


This is the last true remnant of Equestria. The barbaric Earthborn, the conceited Moon and Star, the mislead Stormwing, the savage Everfree, and the psychopathic Cult. They will never restore Equestria to the beauty it once was. Only House Whitegold and House Whitegold alone. With our racial equality and ponies of talent, we shall bring back the eminence of Equestria once more!


(To the players of House Whitegold) I want you all to do your own thing for a little. In the meantime, meet other players in-game, establish relationships whether they're good or bad, and wait for my signal.)



Cult of Laughter


Cult of Laughter

As the council filed out of the room, High Prophet Cranky Doodle stayed behind, staring at the corpse at the center of the room. He closed his eyes, devoting his consciousness to the Laughing Mare. At least for now. If any further message were to appear, appear now...


A thump next to him brought him back to reality. He opened his eyes, looking at the stunned form of Ditzy Doo- called Derpy by most- head-first in the chair. Probably having crashed in it. He smiled. "Prophet, that is not the way you sit in a chair. Your eyes go to Pinkie, not to the chair's back."


She sighed and righted herself. "I'm sorry... I'm not sure what went wrong with that." She sighed. "Oh, well. I come here seeking your advice, High Prophet. I am... unsure what to say to the necromancers."


He raised an eyebrow. "Say what was said here."

"Well... I don't know how well they'll take it. Not all of them have truly seen the joy of the Laughing Mare, despite all the miracles being worked around them daily. That's why I came to you. I mean, if anyone knows why the Laughing Mare wants us to enter Moon and Star, it's you..."


Cranky Doodle paused. "Do you really want to know why?"


"That would be nice..."


He sighed. "We are to obtain for Her Joyfulness a gem. A special gem, used by the Night Guilds to channel their power. It is to be used to assist in bringing her here."


Ditzy was silent for a few minutes. Then she said, "Well, on the bright side, it's not the one used by the Sun Guilds... or the one in Canterlot."


"Indeed. Honestly, I believe that the best course of action, my dear, is to unleash our secret weapon."


"Is it ready yet?"


"I do not know. I do not think so. But if it fails, it will certainly allow us the opening we need to enter the city. And from there..."


"We begin cleansing their dark stain."


"My thoughts exactly."


"But who will deliver it? The nature that we have to confine the chemical in is fragile to say the least."


Cranky smiled. "I have a certain Euphorie squad in particular that I have in mind for that task."


As they stood up, Derpy's grin grew fanatical. "I think I know what I'm going to say now."


"That's good. And make sure to drive home the concept, my dear, or else we will have to find new necromancers to reanimate the dead ones."




As the conversation along, forming in a nearby room, a 'conversion' mission to one of the nearby mercenary camps next to Manehattan. The Euphorie squad leader Red Wind was to lead them out, while a necromancer, Lemon Heart, and her apprentice Tarot stayed at the rear, Lemon Heart teaching while raising more and more undead.


Lautrec, usually the wet blanket of the party, was supposed to bring some sort of amazing contraption to the field. At this point, the organizer of the event- a high ranking official known as "the Coordinator"- wasn't exactly sure what to do with the pyromancer necromancer Lila Fireheart, so he told her to go out and have fun, and just not to get trampled by whatever Lautrec had created or the massive amounts of undead...


And with that, the party (literally) set off...


Guardians of Harmony


Guardians of Harmony – Mountain Base near Old Ponyville

As always the few bases of the Guardians were very busy, as though a sanctuary for ponies seeking rest and peace from the conflict found all over Equestria it was still a place with much work that needed to be done. Started years ago, after the rise of the five Great Houses and the appearance of the terrifying Cult, by a few ponies brave and determined enough to stand against the growing conflict brought on by the royal sisters disappearance and through such the fall of the once great heroes of the land. Here one could fine ponies of all three races, griffins, zebra, and even most surprisingly or even suspiciously for some changelings communicating and working together.


A pegasus stallion of golden yellow coat and dark brown, nearly black, mane and tail bowed his head to another with the body of an alicorn and dark in color. Softly she says, “Golden Dawn, I need you to find out new inventive young filly Spell. I have a mission for the two of you that I would like completed, and ask that you also search out for mercenary by the name of Broadsword. I have been told he has been willing to accept contract without too many question, though it helps that we do not ask of him to harm others.”


The stallion nodded before saying with a nod, “As you wish Lady Nyx and what may I ask is the mission?” As he asks this a unicorn stallion steps forward bearing a scroll and offering it to the former guard in which he takes in his mouth before reading and putting it under his wing until he could get it into his pack and says, “thank you Mr. Nexus, I understand what needs to be done.” With such he leaves and head off to gather his pack and prepare.


Golden Dawn then went looking for a young filly by the name of Spell Shock. She was a new member, still learning and disbelieving in what the Guardians stood for. He was not surprised, as he had learned somewhat of her experiences in House Moon and Star from Mythos Gray who had posed as the filly’s mentor going by a different name. A fact as of yet not made known to the young unicorn and the former guard had been asked not to tell by Mythos, he said he wanted to reveal himself on his own time.


Finally at the end of his thoughts he had found the Research Department, where he had believed the young filly would be involving her studies on using crystals with magic, to enhance or store spells he believed.


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House Moon and Star - Canterlot Castle


"Another day." Eternity said out loud as he woke up from his bed to the sound of his alarm clock. He sighed and used his magic to shut it off. He hoped out of his bed and took a glass of water and drank from it. He then walked up to his bedroom window and looked out to the city below. He had a great view from the castle. He could see many of ponies hustling about getting to work. However, he was quite used to the view, as he has lived in the room for more than half his life. Ever since he lost his home.


He then started to make himself a cup of tea, looking tired and unamused. He wasn't really excited for today. Twilight had told him and Star to meet her for lunch. This can only mean bad news. He knew The Archmagister wouldn't like it if her current student and her ex-student were meeting each other. He was only a bit of mentor to her, Star Rain that is, Twilight's current student. Although, he had no idea why should wall them to have lunch with her. It was odd. It was almost as if Twilight had something to be happy about it. Hopefully it has nothing to do with the papers he gave her.


He took the cold cup of tea he has brewed and heated it up with magic, casting a small ball of fire and moving the cup over top it. He took a sip, and it helped wake him up. Wasn't there something I was supposed to do? Eternity thought to himself, Oh sweet Celestia I was supposed to hand in more documents! I need to get these to that Inquisitor I was supposed to meet in courtyard. I was also supposed to meet Star there to practice... Well I better act with haste then. He quickly put on his saddlebags, filled with papers and books, and went out his door taking is cup of tea with him, making his way down to the courtyard.




House Whitegold - Distract of Delights - Local Tavern


..."Dorado! ... Dorado! Come on now wake up!"

"¿Qué?" Dorado said opening his eyes, waking up slowly.

"Ah, now you've waken up. Welcome back to the land of the living." An unfamiliar voice continued to speak.

"Ay... mi cabeza... ¿Dónde estoy? W-Where am I?"

"Your still at the tavern Dorado. You got drunk last night. Fell asleep right on that counter."


Dorado began to come to his senses. He noticed the unfamiliar voice was a bartender. A unicorn cleaning up some dirty mugs. He looked around him. The unicorn was right. He was still in the tavern, some ponies were there eating breakfast or because they were staying there, though because of his hangover he doesn't have the faintest memory of last night. "Ay... Do you know know what happened last night? Or no?" He said with his Espoñol accent.

"No not really. Though I'd doubt you'd want to know anyway from what I hear."

"Oh... good point señor. Nopony bothered to wake me up?" He asked

"I wouldn't have" The pony said smiling, still cleaning some mugs.

"Ah well." Dorado all of sudden perked up to his usual self. "El Dorado will get going now!" He hoped off of stool and headed for the door. "Adios! See you tonight!"

"But I work in the day..." The pony replied even though Doardo had already walked out the door.


Dorado began to walk the fine streets of Manehatten, seeing if anything catches his eye, including the local mares, or see if he can make a buck off anything. Whether that be by pickpocketing or by finding a job to do.



(OOC: I doubt you mind if I took control of a simple bartender for one post for comedic affect Star, heh)

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Guardians of Harmony – Mountain Base near Old Ponyville


They say ponies don’t change. That point of view never shifts, unlike time which always flows through the tiniest of cracks it can find. But does the time changes us? Does a pony corrode under sands of time, turning into other personalities? Maybe yes, maybe no – it didn’t matter for Spell.


They say one can never change. It’s not you who changes, but the world around you. Logic, cold logic always stays the same and you stay the same with the same logic for the rest of your days. Perhaps she would say the same in the past. Perhaps she will say this in the future. But at this point, at this time she was not sure what exactly to think.


She was trying her best for quite some time to focus a magic in a peace of amethyst. The gorgeous gem, one of her favorite was also the one spot where she couldn’t achieve the desired effect. Yet again, as she tried to channel her magic into the gem, realization, bad feeling visited her, forcing her to quickly throw the gem into the small box she had prepared for cases like this. With a simple “poof” the gem would crack inside the box as the shrapnel from it would safely stay inside. Another failed attempt, another theory scrapped.


It’s funny, how simple things like that made her think. She always channeled magic into the other gems roughly. To achieve quick and relatively effective for small amounts of time result.  She used large quantities of magic to annihilate any resistance the small gems would provide, but yet she couldn’t do it on an amethyst. One would think, the gem would be just like every other, what it wouldn’t really matter. Perhaps so, but she was not quite sure.


She was always a believer in what power was… power. The power to crush one’s foes. The embodiment of strength. But the more she would try to conquer the delicate gem to achieve her result, the more thinking she gave to her believes. Magic is power and power is strength, there was no doubt about that. But… what is power, without vision to guide it? She could channel all energy she could master into a crystal, but could she do it if she wouldn’t be able to see it? She would no doubt manage to channel the magic, but… what would it do? She didn’t know.


From this though came another… she always considered herself… smart. She always believed in the nature of wisdom being to do what’s right. No matter the costs. The very thing her parents did their whole lives. But yet, knowing what’s right… doesn’t make acting on it right. The wisdom to know what is right… and sometimes knowledge when not to do anything.


Levitating another amethyst in the air, she would once again start channeling magic into it. Slowly. Carving not a beautiful rune into the gem, but a simple circle. At this stage, she would start to channel her magic more aggressively on any other gem, but instead she just placed the amethyst down and locked at it. Small sparkles of electricity going in a circle inside the gem. It was stable. Spell would smile softly at the sight.


-"I will be the judge of whenever i can change or not" - she would hum softly to herself, watching the precious gem gain the so desired for her state.

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Cult Of Laughter- Manehattan Library


Tarot sighed as she awoke, Her head resting on an old desk in the library. She must have fallen asleep again. Tarot stretched and yawned, rubbing her eyes before noticing the page she had fallen asleep reading.



"The Factionless and Their Consequences"

A fear that Tarot had developed long ago. Being Factionless. She closed her eyes for a brief moment, but a strong memory surged through her mind.


Tarot was young, still no cutie mark. Sh sat quietly at the lunch table, listening to the others converse.


"Well I heard that the factionless get brutally murdered if they are caught. Serves them right, not picking a side"


"Oh, stop it. Thats just a rumour. They only get executed if they enter another house's territory"


"Which is everywhere, idiot! And if they arent violently ripped to shreds, they're bound to starve out there"


Tarots eyes shot open, her breathing heavy. She sighed, coming back to reality and closed the book. She sat for a moment in the silence of the library. She enjoyed being here, alone. She couldn't hear the screams of terror that often echoed through the halls of some of the other buildings controlled by the cult.


Suddenly she remembered she was supposed to be with Lemon Heart, preparing to head out. Tarot jumped out of the desk and began running to where the rest of the party was, hoping she wasn't too late. She cursed herself under her breath.


"Great, just great Tarot, you had one thing to remember to do this morning and you forgot!"

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Freelance - Lake Ponyville


The great lake churned that night, as the winds were howling something fierce. The small yellow pony standing on its shore, however, seemed undaunted by the elements, and made her way out into the churning sea. Her head disappeared beneath the waves.


Cascade Swirl was in her element. The joy was evident on the petite pegasus' face as she flew through the water. She was the unrivaled queen of the lake. Nopony could match her.


She wove her way around, between, and through the weathered underwater buildings that stood in the middle of the lake. Already the lake had started to claim them as their own, yet the mare still searched. Her wings, elegantly deformed, sliced through the water like those of any other pegasus would through air. She swooped low, gliding eerily just above the bottom of the lake, into what had once been Ponyville's schoolhouse.




Freelance - Lake Ponyville Cemetary


A half hour later, Cascade emerged from the lake, clutching the partially decayed body of a foal who had not been one of the lucky ones. The foal whose body had remained in the schoolhouse for all those months and months since the flooding... She passed by a small hut she had constructed for herself on the northern edge of the lake, into the graveyard that lay behind... The place was full of tombstones, yet some of the shallow graves there had remained yet unfilled... Cascade dropped the body into one, and began to shovel dirt on top of the unnamed foal... As a tear dripped down her face...




House Everfree - Tree of Wisdom


The ritual had just ended, and all the Purified Ones had been moved to be laid on a long table, around which most of Everfree House had now gathered. On the table with the Purified was a variety of other fruits and meats, for those who were squeamish, or for those tribes who considered the practice unclean.


Evergreen and Fluttershy shared a few murmured words with the Three Sages, then they all went their seperate ways. Fluttershy and Zecora didn't stay. It seemed their great lady had business to attend to elsewhere in the forest. The Sages and Evergreen made their way, seperately, through the crowd that was surging towards the free buffet. There's time for me to enjoy myself before the sages issue orders, Evergreen thought. It is a feast, after all. 


Shoving her way past a Thorner, Eve reached the table, grabbed herself an apple, and with a squelching noise, some wings, and trotted away from the table and sat down to nom.


House Stormwing


A beautiful aurora streamed behind as the Pegasus flew high above the lands of the true Equestria. It would be exceptionally unwise of him to be late. The message may have been splotched and brief, but the urgency behind the words were unmistakable. He sighed. 


The airborne metropolis came into sight shortly thereafter, and North Arrow flew over it, and started to descend. He was truly flattered that his Commander considered him truly loyal. But as he passed the black stain on the otherwise beautiful architecture of the City of Cloudsdale, he felt a pang of fury. Of course he was loyal. He needed to be. Because Stormwing needed him.


With a poof, North landed on a patch of clouds near Cloudsdale's Caserma, and looked around, wondering whether he was the first one there.

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House Earthborn - Fillydelphia


Fillydephia was a busy city. At least it was when Blueprint first arrived there. It still kept some of its olden traits; some streets remained in a disorganized cobblestone pattern, as well as wooden or brick buildings that dated back way before Blueprint herself was born. Everypony was once fixed to their old routine. Even after ten years, nothing has changed.

Yet everything had changed. It felt like a dark cloud had been shrouded before them after the event. Ponies remained busy and stuck to their routine, being occupied in military involvement or building weapons. The ones who refused to acknowledge this change found themselves scolded, insulted, and out of employment. Blueprint wondered when was the last time she had a sound night's sleep.

Blueprint had nearly gone into slumber until she remembered something. School day. In an instant, she rushed down the stairs, attempting to prepare some improvised breakfast and lunch for her little ponies. Surprisingly, her two colts, along with her filly, was sitting on the table, eating their lunch. Her husband was fixing something for them; it was the "classic" hay cereal.

"Hi, mommy!" Assonance, the youngest child in their family greeted, stuffing a bale of hay into his mouth.

"Morning," was Blueprint's reply. "Better hurry up, otherwise you're going to miss school.

Blueprint's family was one of the few things left in her life that gave her pleasure. Her occupation had not been suiting her well lately. While it was true that her talent lied in investigation, being a detective and prosecutor simply added more pressure to herself and do nothing but cynically show her the scum of the earth, squandering their life with such injustices. Hopefully, she wouldn't receive any message today from the department.

"Mom," Blueprint's sole filly, Asymptote, suddenly asked. "What is an incendiary projectile?"

The way she said the last few words were slurred and difficult to recognize to the regular pony, though Blueprint had grown experienced with their ways of communication. Hearing this, her smile dropped. "Where did you hear that?" she immediately questioned back.

"Our teacher taught us," Asymptote replied.

Blueprint bit her lip; she was going to get Asymptote to switch to another school if they continued teaching such nonsense. Last week, they were teaching about "gold-chasing" slave holders. Education shouldn't be about all that, they should teach them to be civilized-

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard a knocking on the door. Finally, Blueprint found it impossible to contain her frustration, and burst, much to her surprise. Blueprint generally had a calm disposition and had a slow fuse, though, contrary to her personality, she burst. "We're closed! Come back at eleven!" she shouted. "Doesn't anyone read nowadays?"

Blueprint later realized that she couldn't leave a pony outside; after all, her outburst was unexpected and refusal to even open the door was considered rude. Blueprint bolted to the door, opening it. There, she met a shocking sight.

Several ponies were standing behind one leader. His notable appearance made her recognize the pony with ease. Within a few seconds, her anger turned into fear. "I'm sorry, General Braeburn, sir!" she sputtered out. "Don't arrest me! I've done nothing wrong and I have a family! Please forgive me!" Blueprint wasn't sure if she was being truthful or just acting it out - but she knew when to respect an Earthborn official when she saw one. Her head wasn't going to go on the guillotine, that was for sure.

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Cult of laughter. Fillydelphia hideout.


Wind sat in her room, staring into a mirror seeming to have a deep conversation with...someone. "I did not say that to her...hey hey hey, Blood, she started it. I DID NOT!...Don't say that, she deserved it...If somepony touches my rope dart I will stab them all I bloody well please...NO...did not." She crossed her arms and turned away from the mirror. "I'm not talking to you anymore." She said, flicking her tail at the mirror before hopping off her bed and walking over to a nearby shelf where she pulled out a rope, a needle, and a strange looking liquid in a bottle.
She wrapped the rope around her arm and drew some of the liquid from the bottle, sticking it into her arm and letting out a sigh as the liquid entered her veins.
After that she got up and stumbled out, giggling as she ran head first into the opposite wall...that had several chipped pieces from the same place her head had hit.
She patted the wall before skipping off down the hall.


House everfree. A mile or so away from the Tree Of Wisdom.


Violet Strike, or as most called her, Vi was laying in some tall grass, surrounded by snakes and other reptilian animals.
A rattle snake lay on her chest and seemed to be hissing and rattling at her...but what she did in return was rather odd. "A feast? That sounds fun..." She muttered. She gave the rattler a kiss on its head before sitting up, the snake slithering off below a log. "Ariana. Come here." She called, before she picked up her belt and coat, which both had several different types of knives in different pockets around the clothing.
She put them on before slithering into the forest. "Ariana!" She called again, smiling as a large boa constrictor slithered up next to her, giving a hiss as it slithered ahead. "Yes I know its that way." She mumbled, slithering in the direction of the Tree Of Wisdom.




Factionless. A few miles from the flooded ponyville.


A hooded figure silently walked down the overgrown railroad tracks in the direction of Canterlot.
On her back she had a large bag as Whitetail wood came into sight. She looked over the forest for a moment before looking at a small clearing on the side of the tracks.
She walked over and began setting up camp, but not building a fire pit.
She managed to put up her tent before she pulled off her cloak. She placed it inside her tent before sitting down outside, stretching and pulling out a small journal, which she began to write in, her writing...unrecognizable...it was some odd looking language that the mare had made up.
She finished writing what she needed to write and slipped her book into her bag, the cover read "Crystal Fire" In very fancy blue writing.









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House Whitegold - Arcane Distract - Twisted Gear's Private Lab


"Stupid metal shortage, i need more iron to finish you but the price is so high." A quite frustrated Gear mumbled while working an odd looking construct. It looked different from Ironheart but that was a given as this was a prototype Guardian Type. Where Ironheart was lithe and lightly armored the Guardian was built to last. It had a pair of large metal columns for legs, and a heavy armored metal core with a shield arm (More like it had acquired a metal door somewhere...) and an oversized sledgehammer for its armament. However much to Gears frustration a metal shortage had cropped up so he was nowhere near finished, and she didn't even know where to begin to find a spark powerful enough to make him work.


"VICKERS!.... Vickers? Dam he must be getting food or something. Hmm i did hear about somepony being killed in a bar fight last night, maybe he was one of the bad types. Hopefully he will be strong enough to power this big guy or i may have trouble later.... Either way i think that ill go check on it out before i get more metal." With those words spoken Gear left her quiet and unnerving lab, and if you listened closely you could even hear a faint taping following her. (Yes Gear has a tendency to talk to herself at times.)




 House Whitegold - Distract of Delights - Outside One of the Districts Many Taverns 



"(Sigh) Another blue one. You would figure that the nice ones would know better than to get themselves killed." While not many other ponies could see what Gears magic contained she was in fact inspecting the spark of the dead pony at her feet, (Killed in a fight that had happened last night.) unfortunately for Gear it was blue and it felt wrong to use the blue ones.


Discarding the useless spark Gear started to leave grumbling the whole time. "What a waste of time. I'm just going to get my metal and return home for diner, i hope Vickers is making something good i don't even want to see soup for a few days." A pair of red eyes accompanied her clicking all the way.

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Snap. Crick. Crunch.

Standoff supposed he should be grateful for small mercies. Stitcher Geralf had done a better job than he'd expected, in fact, a better job than he'd hoped for. At least he'd stopped patching out at inopportune moments. 'Course, even when he found somepony to take the stitches out after he'd healed fully, he'd probably look like somepony's worst nightmare. And there was the small matter of the fact that he had at least two factions after him. At least they wouldn't try to go in the forest, right? And Standoff prided himself on his survivalist skills. A stallion of many talents, that was him. Diplomacy, cooking, survival skills, unarmed combat...


After finding a small stream and filling the water sack he'd stolen on the way out of Fillydelphia. He didn't like stealing, but if he had to pick between stealing and dying, he figured stealing was the way to go. Oh, Luna, I wish Red was here. He'd know what to do. But Red wasn't going to be there, was he? Time to get a move on, Standoff.

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House Moon and Star - Canterlot Castle


Star Rain woke up drowsily on her desk, her neck and hooves covered with dried watercolor paint. She had fallen asleep on top of a picture she was painting while it was wet and now it was all smeared. She couldn't even remember what the heck it was supposed to be, now just a vortex of dark colors, mostly green, blue, purple, and grey. Well great, just great. This is just what I need to start the day. Ugh... To her displeasure, it seemed to have also gotten on some books and papers that were either blank, had sketches on them, or new spells that she had tried to create(some of which would just blow up in her face).


Feeling sore from the position she was in most of the night, she reluctantly and painfully got up and went to the bathroom just to wash her face. The cold water snapped her awake and she remembered the notification she got. Oh yeah, that's right... There's practice with Eternity today and a meeting with the Archmagister... OH GEEZ I GOTTA HURRY! Ignoring the mess that was her mane(which was held up in a ponytail) and her stained neck and hooves, she put books, notebooks, and pencils in her saddlebags and sped off toward the courtyard, knocking into and apologizing to a couple workponies along the way. 


House Whitegold - District of Delights - Outside a tavern


@@AnonBrony@@Tricksters Pride,



(Dorado already walked out, so let's just say that Twisted runs into him or something. Or even better yet, have him fight off a drunk criminal that attacks them!)


A stallion stumbled out of the tavern after having one too many shots of alcohol. His speech was unintelligible(not to mention VERY LOUD) and seemed to think that Twisted Gear was a marked victim of some sort and thus goes after her with a jagged knife. Due to bystander syndrome, nopony in the morning crowd decides to intervene, as very few of them were trained for combat of any kind.

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(If you don't mind i'd prefer that you guys refer to her as Gear. Because she might take offense at being called Twisted. (Just for future notice.))
House Whitegold - District of Delights - Outside a tavern

Upon noticing the drunken stallion Gear sighs and calmly states, "Moron. Ironheart! If he tires to hurt me please kill him, i need to get back to work sometime today and getting mugged would be annoying." and at her words a metal machine with 4 spider-like legs and a large blade-like arm leaps down form a nearby rooftop, red eyes glowing menacingly at the stallion as it puts itself between the drunk and its master. upon contact with the ground the blade clicks backwards menacingly, which an experienced fighter would recognize as a sign that it will strike if threatened.

Inwardly Gear was a little thrilled at being attacked, nopony had been dumb enough to attack her for quite some time (Since the incident at the laboratory actually.) so this might be her chance to acquire another (Hopefully potent.) red spark.

House Everfree - Tree of Wisdom - Lazily Watching From a Nearby Tree

"If they shake this tree again i'm going to find a pony and frolic in his bucking guts." If one could hear the rather unhappy Shadow in one of the previously shaking trees they might be a bit frightened by his..... Imaginative and descriptive ranting. That said he was still to lazy to get up and get himself some food. That grey pegisis mare looked particularity good, the way she had screamed when it was her turn was invigorating and it took no small amount of his restraint to refrain from leaping from his perch and ripping into her, laughing all the while. After all he had too much respect for the forest to interrupt its ritual so he wasn't too mad at the druid that had nearly shaken him out of his tree, (Even though he suspected that she had done it to spite him.) and unlike the druids he wasn't concerned by the forests unresponsiveness. If it wants to enjoy its feast in dignified silence who is he to complain.

So even though he was a bit hungry Shadow was content to rest and watch. Though he was keeping his eye on the mare that had tried to shake him into the afterlife, cause if she did it again he was so leaving. (He really didn't need another headache.)

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House Whitegold, Artisan District, Local Café



It was incredibly early, more so than usual, and Star Belle was finishing up a simple breakfast of baguettes and tea before returning to a her troupe (acting). She quickly paid and left the place.



The fresh air felt good on her face and ruffled her feathers as she trotted quickly toward the small auditorium where she performed at for a living.


Upon arriving, Star realized that she had a bit of free time; so she opened a book she had borrowed from the library and began to read.


It was the founding of Equestria; she had heard the story many times, of course, but to think the Harmony that a few leaders founded had stayed for hundreds of years had been completely lost, was sorrowful.


A few minutes later, the rehearsal started, and went smoothly, with only a couple stops.


Star Belle waited patiently, behind the stage. Waiting was something a pony got used to when she was an actress, for there was a lot of waiting, and doing nothing, for there can't be a peep from backstage, and you're required to pay attention, so not reading, either. Yes, it was simply waiting until you're onstage, and many would never be this patient.





(@@MagicalStarRain seem good?)

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House Whitegold - Artisan District - Performance Hall - Backstage 


Some of the troupe began to arrive, some running into things drowsily and others ready and alert. A couple had leftovers from breakfast and lots were already reading over their scripts and practicing their parts and songs. 


One clumsy and drowsy(never a good combination) mare was moving props and backgrounds around to get everything set for today's rehearsal. While moving a box of paper mache props around, she accidentally tripped over somepony's tail and spilled the box's contents out. Some of it hit Star Belle(you can choose if it hits you or not) and couple of other actors and actresses, but nopony suffered any serious injuries. There was the initial shock, then some of the more kind-hearted and courteous ponies began to help out with cleaning up the mess.


While all of this was going on, Sweetie Belle came in and observed the sight with shock.


House Moon and Star - Canterlot Castle


While on her way to the courtyard, many thoughts raced through Star Rain's head. Why does she want to see us? Does she know about me and Eternity? Are we in trouble? 

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House Moon and Star - Canterlot Castle


Eternity arrived at the courtyard. He looked around for a moment searching for his contact. He eventually saw him, the inquisition member, wearing the usual robes and fancy hat.  standing at the edge of the courtyard. He too had taken notice into Eternity. Eternity walked to him casually. Once he approached him, Eternity looked around to see if anyone was watching, then took out the documents form his bag. The Inquisitor quickly snatched them and hid the in his robes, then walked away as if nothing happened. It was as if they were smuggling something, however this 'something' wasn't illegal, but it is classified. Eternity then headed back to the center of the courtyard where he awaited Star Rain.


(Might be interesting if Star saw this from afar *wink wink*)



@@Tricksters Pride,


House Whitegold - District of Delights


"Vaya con Diosa"


Suddenly the stallion about to attack Gear collapsed. He was shot in the neck, a bolt sticking out of it, blood beginning to drip. Dorado had saw what just happened and decided to interfere, just to see what happens. He smirked has he put his front leg holding the crossbow back down. He walked over to body and where Twisted Gear and her machination was. The machine was fascinating to Dorado, though he was more interested in what it was worth, then how did it work.


"This... machine is quite... interesting." he began to analyze the construct. "Oh how can I forget to introduce myself, soy El Dorado! And who might tu be, young mare?" He said to her putting on a charming disposition and walking up to her.

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House Stormwing @


Rainbow Dash let out a sigh of relief, somepony had listened. Commander North Arrow no less, a veteran of the house for as long she cared to remember. Surely there is nothing more valuable than loyalty to the cause.


Scootaloo, however, was not impressed. When Rainbow Dash had told her about assembling a company she had envisioned a band of headstrong pegasi or the marauding griffons. But what stood before her was neither. What was his name again? East Bolt? It didn't matter. Scootaloo pouted at the thought of having to work with a group of ragtag warriors.


“I thought you said you were calling in experts.” She whispered to Dash.


“I never said anything like that.” She retaliated. “Besides, North Arrow has been a valuable ally and undoubtedly loyal and honourable. He may prove more useful than you know.”


Scootaloo still wasn't happy with this explanation but let it side for now. Dash took off her helmet, allowing her rainbow mane to fall at her sides and revealing her scar. “Just try to make a good impression, kiddo. Who knows, you may come to like him.”


“Doubt it.” She assured.


Together they approached the commander and Rainbow greeted him as best she could.  “North Arrow, I’m glad to see you got my letter. Exspectata.”


Rainbow nudged Scootaloo in the side, prompting her to speak. The young mare was not impressed. “H-honor est ad-”


“In words we can all understand.”


Scootaloo cleared her throat and corrected herself. “It is an honour to make your acquaintance, Commander North Arrow.”

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House Whitegold - District of Delights


Gear was quite delighted to see a large red spark form over the dead pony shortly after the pegisis shot him, and via unspoken command Ironheart moved to pick up the dead pony with his clawed hand. (Which had remained at his side until this point.) Shortly after issuing the command to Ironheart the interesting stallion introduced himself. Admittedly Gear found him interesting His choice of weaponry while common in Gremaney was against the pegisi's stupid code here, so this stallion appeared quite efficient than his Equestrian brethren.


"Dorado hmm interesting name. Interesting choice in weaponry as well, well made if a little worse for wear. I take it that you have disregarded that foolish warrior code that most of the pegisi around here follow? Oh sorry i was a bit distracted by your crossbow that model is rather uncommon. I'm Gear one of Whitegold's leading researchers, Ironheart should make my specialty obvious but i actually tend to be interested in all forms of mechanics. Anyway i have to get more metal before the markets close so i need to be going now, ill dispose of the drunken moron for you since you where so kind as to remove him from my path. Thank you for your assistance." After she finished thanking Dorado, Gear mentally instructed Ironheart to take the dead drunk to the lab and meet her at the markets.


(If Dorado wants to interact with Gear further ill go from that but otherwise TO THE MARKETS!!!)

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House Moon and Star - Canterlot Apartments


'They won't go away... Hehe, the Cult... I still have nightmares about it...'


Kinetic Energy stood there in the streets of Hoofington, in the middle of a Cult inssurection. Such horrors around him. Ponies dying, then getting back up with horrific smiles. The deranged residents charging at him with sticks. He ran. Away from the mob. Everything became a blur as streets and alleyways blended into one and he could no longer hear the mob of Cultists behind him. Then he saw it... the thing that haunts his nightmares to this day. The Smiling Doll.


Once again, he ran. This time, he couldn't lose his pursuer. He spun around and fired a bolt of magic at the Smiling Doll, then vanished down a side passage. Then... he woke up.


"Aaagh!" Kinetic awoke drenched in cold sweat, but very much alive. It had been several years since he visited Hoofington, and he was in no hurry to go back there. Horrible memories awaited him. Much like Grand Inquisitor Trixie was.


"15 years... and there's no beauty left in this world. Then again, does anypony care anymore? No, nopony cares. So why do I care so much?"


He pondered this question as he donned his leather armour and his white coat and left for the Castle. Despite the dense population of Canterlot, he felt truly alone...



House Earthborn - Military Assembly Ground


"Poppy Seed reporting, sir."


In her mind, Poppy was annoyed. She signed on to this job so she could kill those Unicorn bastards in Moon and Star. Every last one she could get her hooves on. She'd heard of their atrocities during her time serving in the Earthborn military, and it filled her with rage. But one thing she hated was waiting. Waiting, waiting, and more waiting. Her parents would've told her to be patient...if they were still alive.


'Mother... Father... I'll kill those flying bastards who flooded Ponyville. I'll avenge you.'

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House Stormwing - Cloudsdale Caserma - North Arrow




Almost without thought, North Arrow mirrored Dash's movement, removing his helmet, which looked surprisingly light for a pony of his size. His long silver hair, that sparkled like fresh snow, fell over his golden eyes, Brushing it aside, he bowed towards Rainbow Dash,  emulating an old Stormwing tradition of greeting a superior. "In verità, è il mio onore."


He stood back up to his considerable height, and rumbled, "I've heard many good things about you, Scootaloo. It's a pleasure to finally meet you face to face." After bowing to Scootaloo in much the same form of recognition of superiority he had given Dash, he turned back to the elder of the two mares.


"Your letter. Surely things aren't..." He caught himself, as they weren't in the most private of meeting places. "I'm not the only one you contacted, was I?" he asked more quietly, looking slightly warier than he had before as he realized he was alone.




House Everfree - Fillydelphia River, Everfree Forest Southern Border - Favored NPC



A pair of eyes glowed solitarily in the darkness cast by a low-lying tree behind where the patchwork-colt had paused to rest. The sound of any scribbling that the patchwork-colt might have heard was drowned out by the gently flowing water of bears-tooths-stream. 


Unpure wandered in, downstream of Bear's Tooth. Send somepony.

Her Watchful Eyes.


The note was folded tightly and tucked into the leg-pouch of message-humbird. The message-humbird flittered away, literally clipping the ear of patchwork-colt as it flew. The pony, hiding in dark-tree-shadow, gasped softly, but that was masked by bears-tooth-stream too, and message-humbird just kept flying. She continued to stare at patchwork-pony, always watching.





House Everfree - Tree of Wisdom - Evergreen


Eve retreated to the denser shade of one of the smaller trees at the edge of the clearing caused by the great Tree of Wisdom, whose wide branches cast the entirety of the clearing into eternal twilight. It was a little less crowded over here, so Eve could have room to just eat without getting in the way of the Shriekers, who could be heard even over the din of gluttony and good spirits. Although she was unaware of it, she had sat right below a wraith.

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House Earthborn - Fillydelphia




Braeburn could hear the mare banging around in the horse like a buffalo even before she reached the door, so breaburn's smile had already grown by a few centimetres by the time she flung open the door and begged for her life.


In response, Braeburn did something somewhat inappropriate; namely, he laughed his flank off. "Aw, sweet stars, miss, Ah ain't here to arrest y'all. Sheesh, this ain't House Moon & Star with their secret police. Ah just need to talk to y'all about somethin'. The General Board specifically requested that Ah head out here and hire you for a special assignment."


He peeked past the mare and noticed the three children inside. Without quite knowing why, Braeburn found his smile growing smaller.


"Might Ah step inside, Miss Blueprint?"


House Earthborn - New Ponyville - Military Assembly Ground





The scribe ticked off Poppy Seed's name with a swish and flick of his quill. "Thank you kindly, miss," he said, then turned to Long Stride "And you, sir; Long Stride, right?"

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House Whitegold- District of Artisans - Thneed Co offices.


Myopia let out a small, tired sigh as he finished signing his name down on one final document, making his latest venture perfectly legal in the eyes of the law. He couldn't help but smile a little as he quickly read over the document once more, despite the fact that he knew it off by heart already. If there was one thing that the slums on the outer wall needed, it was an orphanage that could be called as such without  risk of the speaking being struck down by some passing deity. Anything outside the wall with the word 'Orphanage' in its name more often then not was a sweat shop that benefited off of child slave labor. Not only was he establishing such a building, but Thneed Co was also going to give it on going funding to help keep it open and supplied... as well as send a few choice gentlemen to have a word with the owners of certain other 'orphanages' about reconsidering their current line of business.


Putting the document aside to be delivered to the proper channels, Myopia took a moment to think about what he had to do today now that the paperwork that required his attention was done with for the moment. Well, there was lunch, then he planned to take some time after lunch to get some shooting practice in... by that point some more paperwork would have built up for him to deal with, and if all went as planned he would be spending this evening watching the latest performance of Sweetie Bell, a lovely mare who's beauty was only matched by her singing and acting talents.


Shaking his head to get it out of the clouds, Myopia carefully rose from his seat in order to avoid disturbing the latest stack of paperwork he had completed before making his way out of his office; he didn't wish to spend the time he had planned for eating lunch fixing it up again if it was messed up after all.




Cult of laughter. Fillydelphia hideout.


In a rather large workshop hidden in one of Fillydelphia's cult friendly areas, the world was filled with screaming and music. While this was admittingly not that strange for a cult of laughter hideout, the source of the noise was.


The...thing in the center of the workshop was rather large and definitely eye catching if only for how utterly strange it appeared to be. Parts of it were clearly flesh and blood, others were clearly machine and clockwork and the rest... was kind of a gray area between the two extremes.  In a alternate universe, it would have been the main star is some sort of B rated cyberpunk monster movie titled 'Clockwork Cyborg Crabs vs the Magical Mutant Ant People' but currently it was dancing around, music blaring while it  danced around to the tune it was creating, slaughtering cultists indiscriminately as it did so. 


(This massacre shall be done to the tune and lyrics of 'Everything you know is Wrong' by Weird Al Yankovic)


"I was driving on the freeway in the fast lane
With a rabid wolverine in my underwear
When suddenly a guy behind me in the back seat
Popped right up and cupped his hands across my eyes


A claw that looked like it would have been right at home on a praying mantis closed around the head of a fleeing cultist with a sickening crunch and a splattering of  blood and skull.


"I guessed, "Is it Uncle Frank or Cousin Louie?"
"Is it Bob or Joe or Walter?"
"Could it be Bill or Jim or Ed or Bernie or Steve?"
I probably would have kept on guessing
But about that time we crashed into the truck


A leg like a sharpened spear blindly impaled a different cultist, his pain filled gurgles being drowned out by the singing crab monster and it's musical back up.


"And as I'm laying bleeding there on the asphalt
Finally I recognize the face of my hibachi dealer
Who takes off his prosthetic lips and tells me"


As the chorus began, the cyborg crab's mouth opened and unleashed a torrent of fire, engulfing everypony and everything thing in front of it in an all consuming blaze. 


"Everything you know is wrong
Black is white, up is down and short is long
And everything you thought was just so
Important doesn't matter

Everything you know is wrong
Just forget the words and sing along
All you need to understand is
Everything you know is wwwwron..." 


Suddenly the music and singing wound down to nothing, the cyborg crab powering down as the music was stopped. After a few moments of silence, a hatch on the creatures back opened up and a very sheepish looking Lautrec rose from it, rubbing the back of his head with an oil covered hoof as he looked at the death and carnage his creation had caused. "Sorry guys, that was the wrong song. Let's try this again shall we!" He called out before ducking back into his creation and closing the hatch behind him.

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House Stormwing @


Rainbow nodded in agreement, diverting her attention briefly to make sure they were indeed alone. “Yes, you weren’t the only one I contacted. I sent out eight letters, although I doubt many of them will arrive. The situation is getting worse but they can’t see it.”


“Or too scared.” Scootaloo interrupted.


Rainbow silenced her with a quick glance. “Yeah, there’s that as well. After the attack on the market square things haven’t been the same, the danger has never been this close to home before. That’s why you’re here obviously; to stop this threat before it strikes again.”



House Earthborn @@@Windbreaker


In war you often meet the most interesting of ponies. Some are mad, some are scarred, some are grim. Long Stride was definitely a very interesting pony by these standards. You could almost tell it just by looking at him. His mane and coat were weathered and beaten. His armour was long out of commission, even for a Pony at Arms.


“That’d be me.” His tone was gruff, almost like he had inhaled sawdust. “What Celestia forsaken patch of dirt we off to next?”

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House Everfree. Castle Ruins.


After about twenty minutes to half an hour of...slithering...Violet made it back to the castle ruins.
By the front doors she leaned down and let Ariana climb her arm.
The snake wrapped herself around Violets neck (loosely) And remained there as Violet slithered into the castle, making her way towards the dining hall.
She slithered in and smiled at a few of the ponies she knew but didn't stay to talk. She went up to the tables and loaded a plate with some food, mostly chicken.
She sat down against the wall in the corner...having such a long tail made it rather difficult to sit with others at a crowded table. She took a few bites of her food and let Ariana slither off her neck and onto the ground, going down the hall to look for some dinner herself.
Violet remained in the dining hall, silently looking around at the feast as she munched on her food.



Cult of laughter. Fillydelphia hideout.


Wind continued moving down the hall until she arrived at her squads sleeping quarters...she was lucky enough to get her own room. "Alright ladies...WE GOT A MISSION...as you know...but seriously we're going." She said.
The six Euphories scrambled around, a few already ready to go but some were rolling around on the floor trying to get untangled from their blankets.

After a few minutes of impatient tapping from Wind's hoof her squad was ready.
Wind smiled before turning and trotting down the hall towards where her and the rest of the ponies going on the mission would meet...((OOC: Gonna wait on Magos to specify where that'd be and initiate the meetup with the characters and stuff.))

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House Moon and Star - Canterlot Castle


Star Rain eventually slowed down, partly out of exhaustion and partly because she was getting some dirty looks now. Why don't you try waking up and suddenly remembering that you have urgent business to do?! She knew better than to argue with some of them though. She maybe the Archmagister's student, but it wouldn't stop them from berating her. Ugh, gotta keep going, but slowly...


She eventually reached the path that lead to the courtyard and saw Eternity from afar. She continued at her normal pace and stopped abruptly when she saw what appeared to be an Inquisitor. What in the heck is an Inquisitor doing here?! Star immediately hid herself behind a bush and observed the scene quietly until the Inquisitor left.


Papers? What are they? Why couldn't Eternity give them to her himself? No wait, he had some kind of... problem or something with her in the past. But why help her now? ...I shouldn't ask him. Whatever it is, it'll probably get us both in trouble if I find out. Best keep my mouth shut for now. To make it so that it didn't look like she was spying on them, Star went back about ten steps and went down the path again, this time all the way to the courtyard.


With a smile(albeit a tired and forced one), she said "Hey Eternity, what's up?"

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"-Ow! Stupid bird. I need that ear!" Standoff started talking to himself. Sometimes, when you were alone, it was better to do, because that way you didn't get stuck running the same things through your head over and over.
"Okay, so, what do I know for sure? Somebody sold me out. Maybe Whitegold? Bah, who am I kidding? Might've been anypony. Except Earthborn, that is, seeing as they brought a full attack force instead of just sending somepony to get me in my sleep. So, that rules out them.But if not them, then who? Probably not Everfree. Probably. Come on, think! ...You know what, nah. Not my problem right now. Take that shot when the weapon's loaded. Let's see about some food." Standoff got up and drew a knife, tossing it from hoof to hoof before starting off again, heading deeper into the forest.
Standoff came around a tree, took stock, and dropped into a crouch. There was a rabbit about four meters in front of him, but he couldn't be sure if it hadn't noticed him, or had and was just stupid. Stupid and about to become lunch. Please, give me this throw. I know I haven't practised in a while, and I'll start again. Just give me this throw.

Whiff. Thunk! "SCREEEET!"
"And the catch is good!"
A couple minutes later, a skinned rabbit was roasting over a jury-rigged firepit.

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House Everfree - Tree of Wisdom - Directly Above Evergreen

From his perch the tree Shadow warily watched the druid approach. 'She had better not shake me into oblivion again or ill be uppse-! Oh she has food... I wonder if she feels like sharing a little.' (Shadow's fangs are retracted so it wont be obvious that hes a wraith at the moment. (Tail is out of sight as well.) Shadow sticks his head down above the druid and yells "BOO! hehehe sorry i'm not good at starting civilized conversations." Shadow smiles apologetically, reclines against his perch and looks at the druid from an upside down perspective, and says "I'm Shadow Hunter, sooooo care to share that wing i'm a bit to lazy to go get my own. That and if i did the Screamers wouldn't leave me alone. (Glances at the natures fury tribe.) Bloody idiots and their stupid noise their scaring all the game away, show some self control."

(I'll leave it up to you if she can tell that somethings off about him but i'd like to have him appear normal (Well as normal as anypony in Equestria Divided.) at first.)

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