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This Is Not What I Expected : Rainbow Dash Pen Drawing


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I drew this at work between slow periods.


It was supposed to be Rainbow Dash finally getting into the Wonderbolts ...but is upset because it wasn't everything she had dreamed it to be.


Im probably going to digitize this at some period in time, and add a Wonderbolts uniform to make it a bit more clear. :3




Critiques, comments and brohoofs are welcome

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I actually forgot her wing when I first drew her, so I had to make it a bit smaller than usual.


But as for the color, I can't really do that. It's an ink drawing and it looks much better in my opinion in black and white.

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That...that is just...beautiful! You're really talented! :)


I wish I could draw like that so bad. I can't wait to see your digital one. It'll look awesome I bet.

Aww thank you. I'm really excited to make it digital, but I owe people drawings so I'll have to do those first off. :3


But just keep practicing and you'll get a good style down. ;)

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Better that anything I will ever do, If you could make a finished version (or just the outline with sharpies and the colors with piencil), that would be great.


But anyway, great job :)


P.S. the mane look a little small to me.

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