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Midnight Scribbler

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Here are a few of my digital works. All of which were painted using photoshop CS5.

Hope you like em! e9FkmL5.png


This one was just me getting bored and practicing. "Abstractions"



"Deep Space" Done as part of a portfolio for school



"Neo Futurism" A rather distopian future.



"Raw Power" This one I just finished a couple minutes before posting this actually.






And a self portrait of Scribbler. img-1379355-5-xtWXQl1.png


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Man Scribbler, this is really some good stuff, I'm not even kidding! I wish I could draw like that, but alas, I'll never get past stick figures. tongue.png


Oh, and dat selfie. Pure swag. XD

Baha,laugh.png  swag. All I can think of now when I hear that word is Pony.Mov

Thanks though, I appreciate the compliments. It means a lot to hear that. smile.png

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That's really nice! I like the first one and "Suffering". The limited color palette on the latter one makes it look like from a very old video game biggrin.png

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