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Feature Request An API would be nice.

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APIs are always nice I guess.

I like APIs.

I often begin making little projects for them and then give up cause I can't be bothered - but I'm sure that there would be others that would make more use of it.


Also, what exactly is your brony database project?

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It started as a way of collecting twitter and facebook info for hoofsounds's musicians.js to auto tag the artist when you twitted or liked a song via hoofsounds. Then Archive Alicorn gave me the idea to make a people.api for use in many projects, or just a way to get intouch with others.


I just need to go through and add the info should a simple google query return it.


[4:47:16 PM] Oatmeal:
[4:47:47 PM] Archive Alicorn: that's awesome
[4:48:01 PM] Oatmeal: now to fill in the blanks
[4:48:13 PM] Archive Alicorn: you should work with Starsong to make thing kind of thing easy to use and do for anybody
[4:48:36 PM] Oatmeal: how do you mean?
[4:49:07 PM] Archive Alicorn: I posed an idea of creating a people.api to him for general use
[4:49:37 PM] Oatmeal: well I was going to do this
[4:50:20 PM] Oatmeal: Need to edit the game servers part to specify that it is a list
[4:50:28 PM] Oatmeal: not actually host
[4:52:36 PM] Oatmeal: I do plan on adding in specific url vars to cut down on the size of the json
[4:53:32 PM] Archive Alicorn: you mean so you can call like db/artist.php?artist="AlexS"
[4:53:42 PM] Archive Alicorn: and you'll get just that
[4:54:19 PM] Oatmeal: It would need to match exactly but sure I can
[4:55:36 PM] Oatmeal: as it stands now this is what is in the table as to columns

ArtistID ArtistName NumberOfSongs EQBeatsName EQBeatsID YouTube BandCamp Twitter FaceBook Tumblr SoundCloud
[5:05:30 PM] Oatmeal: I was thinking of changing ArtistID to just pID, adding music/graphic/video/ect booleans, then adding a cross refrence to echo songs should music boolean be 1 from the radiologger database and the eqbeats database, should music var be specified then it will allow a the songs var that can put songs into an array, should video be specified instead of music there will be a teir of thier youtube videos or what have you, should graphics be specified then a da/fa/ect will be echoed, should they specify "all" then everything will be display'd if they dont have anything for that tier then null will be used for it,

all will be put into a txt file and updated once every hour because that would be murder
[5:06:34 PM] Oatmeal: small text wall
[5:07:12 PM] Oatmeal: it will be intersting to see this done
[5:07:42 PM] Archive Alicorn: seriously work with Starsong on this, he's building something and this feature is something I recommended to him for this project



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An API isn't a bad idea, but it is not planned at the moment :)


Now; you technically *could* query the endpoints that the site itself uses; but I wouldn't recommend it for anything other than some basic data mining. The endpoints that the site uses are subject to change at any point (which is why they're under the /api/web namespace). It's possible though that we could create another API that would be more stable for 3rd part developers.

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