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Movies/TV RWBY Episode 16 Finale Thoughts (Semi-Pro-Con Style Review) (SPOILERS)

Captain Brony (MG11)

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If you havent already seen the episode watch here:

I will go over several points and some of my personal feelings.

-The Voice acting is fairly good aside from the occassional awkward line spoken by Roman Torchwick.
-The Story concludes the plot from the previous episode while also leaving room for new ones in the next season.
-The Action sequences return to the style that Monty Oum is best at: Human on Human fights. It's nice to see he came back to this since he excels fairly well at it as seen in RvB and Dead Fantasy.
-Blake's much needed background story is finally explained.

-Is a fitting ending in the sense that all has been exposed (aside from villain depth) which give a feeling that everything has been established and can now take off running into new deeper stories.
-The tone in scenes can be very clear to what they are supposed to be in some scenes, then switch to being comepletely empty in others (A problem throughout the series)
-Some idle movement animations are still stiff or awkward.

-Weiss appears to have a sudden change of heart which may seem a bit rushed to most. This can be explained by the time skip and that Weiss did have time to change her feelings offscreen. This doesnt work for the episode however since it would have been better to show it to the audience.

-Though the protaganists win the battle it does not seem as though anything was accomplished aside from their personal differences. The Villain gets away and the heroes still don't know why Torchwick is working with the White Fang and what he's planning to do with the stolen Dust.
What I liked:
-Sun Wukong sports a staff that is also a pair of gunchakus. The animation for his attacks are a tinsy bit off but then evolve into being fantastic

-Torchwick proves to be more than a smart runaway villain as we see him take on both Blake and Sun in close-range combat and hold his own.

-Though there is very little comedy in this episode the few lines that were there cracked me up and one even caught me off guard.

What I didn't like:
-Penny's ability, though cool, is not represented well with how the scene was shot. Her power and fighting style seemed uninspired and not utilized to it's full potential cinematically despite how powerful and skilled she is. (Her style takes from Xaldin from the Kingdom Hearts series and Noctis from Final Fantasy XV)
-The post credits scene reveals a new villain however provides little tone to appropriately set up her debut. It continues to feel empty and gives little reason for you to go "Whoa who is she and what does she want? What will she do?"
Meh/Nuetral Points:

-Yang seems hardly present in the episode as she has very few lines and lacks any impact on the story. She hasnt had much to do in the past few episodes and im a little bummed that we didnt get to see more of her.

-The ending didnt feel as though it concluded the story, but rather it concluded the establishment of the world and characters.


Overall I personally give this episode an 8.5 out of 10.

Edited by Captain Brony (MG11)
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I agree with pretty much everything you've said but I just want to fangirl a little about Blake because she is wonderful and I love her. I loved her since the trailers were released and she just keeps getting better for me. I'm enjoying this background info on her, and am loving the cat ears, so cute :3 I would like some background on Weiss though...hopefully next season


Oh and Michael's voice acting...swoon wub.png

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I agree with pretty much everything you've said but I just want to fangirl a little about Blake img-1988590-1-wub.png

She's basically became everyone's Waifu by the end of this episode if episode 15 didn't already do it.

More people talk about her more than any other character.

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