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Hey there!

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I'm Kalaxus and new to these forums! Anywhere you see Kalaxus, yes thats me! Pinkie Pie is my favorite pony, cause she's as crazy as I am.

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We're all a little crazy my friend, we're all... a little... crazy. img-387689-1-5e7kmu.png


A big brotherly welcome to the forums! I see you've also got a big brother as an avatar yourself. (good choice!) If you ever have any questions or would ever like to chat; I've got yer back o'brother my brother...


Shesh, I use the word brother so much you'd think I had some deal going that every time I used the word "brother" I'd get a coupon for a free pizza... which I totally don't.... brother brother brother brother brother. (Hoh'man I'm gonna get soooo fat!)

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