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Whats up everypony :D

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Hey dere guys wazzup new to the forums i like ponies i also am like a brony for adventure time look forward to making a friend on the forums.

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Adventure Time? Cool show.

My Little Pony? Cool show.

My Little Adventure Pony Time? ...MAKE IT HAPPEN!


A big brotherly welcome to the forums broski! I hope you have an awesome time here and make tons of friends! For that matter, why not Aniki? He's TOTALLY friend material, and I hear he's a great brother and junk too. (Believe it!)

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Welcome to the forums, JTH!  :D


If you like ponies, like talking about ponies, and want to make friends, you've found the place!  I joined just a year ago and MLPF has exceeded all my expectations.  And best of all, Season 4 is right around the corner.  This joint will be rocking! 


Have fun!  :)

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