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So in preparation for S4, I decided to sit down and re-watch the whole series from beginning to end, one episode per evening. Magical Mystery Cure was a few nights ago, and when I got to the end, it struck me like a ton of bricks: Twilight just got MADE!
Imagine for a moment that three little things happened to be different about the show. First, the title. It's not called My Little Pony anymore, It's called The Sopronies. Second, we flip the gender switch. And third, the show isn't set in Equestria, it's set in New Equestria, in which everypony inexplicably speaks with a Jersey accent. 
Having so stipulated, posit:

On his deathbed, Starswirl the Godfather named his two sons as his successors to lead the family into the new millennium. Don Celestia was given control over the upscale and gentrified West side, and his brother Don Luna runs the rough-and-tumble East side.

Beneath the two brothers are a variety of Bosses, each directly responsible for overseeing the family's operations in a given territory. Thus far, we have seen only a hint of this level of the organization, in the form of Micheal "the Lovebird" Cadenza, cousin to the two Dons, who was given the nod to run "Crystal City" (so-called for its historical affiliation with the methamphetamine trade) after its annexation into the family. And Lovebird proved his mettle, successfully defending his territory from an attempted takeover by the Latino mob led by Esteban "King" Sombrero mere days after he assumed control.

But what's been going on right under our noses this whole time is interesting.

Young Joey Twilight, the Caporegime and protégé to Don Celestia has, along with his consigliere Spike, been being groomed for three years to step up and become a Boss in his own right. And it was the marriage of Joey's sister to Michael Cadenza at the end of season 2 that cemented his relationship to the family, and made him a true insider.

In the final episode of Season 3, Joey Twilight was finally put to the ultimate test and, having passed, is now officially a Made Man, Uomo d'Onore. He's been given his "wings," so to speak (the ring granted to all capofamiglia on the day of their confirmation, which bears the symbol of the family crest- a Phoenix with wings outstretched), and is ready to take the reigns of his own territory at last.

We can presume that his long-time Soldatos, the other members of the so-called "Maine Six" gang, will follow Joey Twilight into his new leadership position, whatever territory Don Celestia sees fit to bestow on him. They have proven their loyalty and courage in the past, but will their allegiance be tested by jealously and the temptation of power?

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