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I decided to write a Dark Souls/Mlp fanfic. Here is chapter one.

Let me know what you guys think. The rest will be continued on my Fimfiction. Link is in sig.


"Finally!" You cheered as you walked through your apartment door. You sighed in relief as you pulled off your dripping raincoat and slung it over to the coat rack next to the door. You had just gotten back home from your job that consisted of nothing but sitting in front of a computer all day and typing meaningless numbers that you knew not the point of.

You shook the thought of your dull, boring cubical from your head as you made your way through the living room of your almost empty home. There wasn't much when it came to furniture, just a old dusty couch that has almost never been sat on, a light brown felt recliner that matched the carpet almost perfectly. There was also a small television in front of the recliner, but like the rest your inanimate occupants in the room, it was rarely used. You dropped your suitcase and started walking towards your bedroom.

You never really had a reason to be in the living room for more than a few minutes, with the Alienware gaming computer and cushy bed that took up the small space in your bedroom, everything else became obsolete. Whatever you wanted to watch or play, you could stream from your computer, plus your computer chair wasn't too shabby either.

A very familiar sound rumbling come from your stomach and you altered your course to the food room. (otherwise known as the kitchen) You rummaged through the pantry looking for something to calm the roaring beast that is your tum-tum.

After scrounging up a bag of slightly stale potato chips from the barren pantry, you decided to head to your room. 'I should really go shopping more often. I have plenty of money, so I should be eating better than this. Heh, If mom saw me eating like this she would kill me. I should call her more often. She tends to worry.' You realized you were going off track as you walked past your living room and into the hallway passing your spare room. You took a glance into the dusty room and thought, 'Hmm... Yup, still as dusty and unused as ever. I should really use it as a storage room or something. It's not like I ever have anybody over.'

You continued your small trek to your room as you finished your previous thought. You reached your door and pushed it open. Upon entering the room, your automatic air-freshener thing released a small spray of cinnamon. You sniffed the now scented air and released the breath with a sigh; happy to be home after a boring work day and a sudden thunderstorm.

You walked over to your computer chair and pulled it a few feet out so you could take a seat. As you did, the recurring feeling of irony made its way to you. 'Everyday I go to work and sit in front of a computer, and to relieve my boredom when I get home, I sit in front of a computer.' You thought with a sigh. You reached down and pushed the power button, you listened as the computer hummed to life. The light blue neon lights came to life and you looked back up to your monitors. You flipped both of them on as you prepared to call up your friend, Marcus.

You pulled out your phone and dialed your friend's number. After several rings, you hear him pick up. "Hello?" You heard him say.

"Yo Marcus, you ready to play?" You asked him in a eager voice.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah... You sure this is a good idea? You've seen the storm outside" Replied in an worried, anxious voice.

"It's fine. We both have all of our data backed up several times over, and if something does happen then I'll pay for any damages. Alright?" You replied.

"Fine, but if anything does happen I swear I will cause you so much pain that you'll be bed ridden until the release of "Dark Souls II"." He said.

"Okay then. Where shall we go then?" You asked as you started up the game. "The Township? Forest? Burg?"

"I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, so lets go with the Burg," Marcus replied.

"Alright then! To the Burg we go!" You shouted in excitement.


"Oh goddamit!" You shouted as you preformed a repost upon the black phantom invader, only to see their life bar remained unaffected. "Dude, You seeing this!?!" You asked Marcus, whose golden phantom was standing up on the crossbowman's post watching the fight unfold through a pair of binoculars.

"Yeah, I see it," Marcus Replied with a deflated sigh. "Where is the fun in doing that? Where is the honor?"

"Honor? I wish there was still an honorable fight left to be fought, but sadly scum like this ruins it for everybody. No good hacking trash," You replied as you watched the invader pick himself back up from the bloodstained stone ground.

"Well, shall we break out the force again?" You asked Marcus.

"I suppose we have no other choice, do we?" Replied the golden phantom as he exchanged his Great Sword for a small bundle of white cloth tied by a yellow strip of fabric. The Sunlight Talisman as it's known by, while you switched your scythe for a small tuft of black hair known as Velka's Talisman. These talismans were used to execute special spells known as miracles.

Luckily, the black phantom swung at you with their large club, so you were able to quickly roll past his attack. As fate would have it, the invader decided not to wear any armor, so your force attack went into full effect. You don't know if he was cocky or just didn't care about appearances. You brought the talisman to their chest then quickly through your arms back down, this caused a small translucent explosion to emit around you.

The attack, while not lethal, sent the hacker skidding across the squared off arena like area, right below the crossbowman's post. Marcus took this chance to run down the rail-less stairs and down to the invader. He then performed the same miracle, effectively knocking the hacker over the edge of the stairs and to the crevice below.

"*sigh* Why does it always have to come to this Marcus?" You asked your heavily armored friend. He, unlike yourself, preferred to wear heavy sets of armor, like the golden Giant's armor he was currently wearing. The only piece that differed from the set was his helm. In place of the Giant's helm was what was known as the "Mask of the father" which allowed him to move more freely in his heavy suit.

You on the other hand preferred to dodge enemies attacks, so you wore lighter armors. You were wearing the Black Cleric's suit, but like Marcus your helm was also offset from the rest of your suit. In place of "The mask of Velka" Was the "Mask of the child" which allowed you to recover quicker from being tired.

"I don't know man. I miss the days where people bowed before their fights and didn't spam backstabs." Marcus replied. He had started to walk back to his post, but then both of you heard the familiar sounds of an invasion. You ran up the stairs to see who had invaded you.

A large black circle appeared on the ground and a black phantom rose from the circle with no armor on their back and a large club in hand.

"Oh, come on! Really?" You heard Marcus cry.

"Didn't we just kill this asshole?" You asked to no one in particular. Without saying another word you and Marcus walked to the invaders side and prepared to use the force miracle when a large boom was heard from outside your bedroom walls which was immediately followed by the complete loss of power throughout your apartment.

"Son of a bitch!" You screamed as you slammed your hands on your desk.

"Hey? You blackout too?" You heard Marcus ask. You started looking around for your phone. After several seconds of searching, you found it had fallen under your desk. You went to pick it up when you saw something strange.

"Dude? You there? Dude? Hel- wait what the hell is going on with my compu- *beep* *beep* *beep*"

You ignored his calls, because something else had caught your interest. The blue lights that would normally light up on your computer had changed in color, from blue to bright purple. The brightness grew in intensity until you had to cover your eyes with your hands.

"In thine exodus from the Undead Asylum, maketh pilgrimage to the land of Ancient Lords…

… When thou ringeth the Bell of Awakening, the fate of the Undead thou shalt know...


Well I don't know about the fate of any Undead, but I do know that your being here will be fun!

"What?" Was all you were able to ask before your computer exploded in bright light.


You opened your eyes to a stary night sky. "Ahh... My back!" You cried as you sat up, a searing pain shot up your spine, but you made yourself sit up anyways. You turned your head to get a better look at your surroundings.

"Everything is so... Colorful..." Was all you could say. Even though it was dark you could tell that much.

With much difficulty, you managed to get to your feet. You looked around for anything that would be recognizable, but all you could see was grassy fields.

"Where the hell am I?" You asked, only to receive the chirps of crickets in response. Forgetting the question, you continued to look around for a landmark of some sorts. You saw what seemed to be a... "Is that a village?" Deciding you had no better options, you started walking towards the village.

You made it about three steps before you tripped over something.

"Sweet baby Jesus!" You cried as the pain in your back soared to unimaginable levels. After several minutes of you shedding silent tears, you managed to look back at what you tripped over. it appeared to be some sort of chest. You crawled over the chest and examine it closer. You found a latch on the front and flipped the chest open. As the lid flipped open, a bright light emitted from something inside. You looked inside and found a small black scroll. You unraveled the scroll but due to the darkness, you couldn't make it out.

You looked back inside the chest and found something else inside. It was a large green bottle that was glowing bright orange.

"No way... Is that..." You said as you grasped the bottle and brought it to your mouth. As the liquid inside the bottle seeped into your mouth. A soothing sensation spread throughout your body and the pain in your back had completely disappeared.

"Estus..." You said euphorically. Several seconds pass as you soak in the fact that you just drank from an Estus flask, when you decided it was a good idea to head towards that village you saw moments ago.


You had grabbed the black scroll you found in the chest and the Estus flask and started walking towards the village, and after about twenty minutes of walking, you had made it close enough to see a small sign. You couldn't read it from where, so you moved closer to read it more clearly.

What it read made you come up short. The sign said "Welcome to Ponyville".

"Umm.. What?" You asked to nobody. You were not really expecting to get a response this late at night, so you were really surprised when you heard a distant laughter. You turned back to the fields to try to find the source of the laughter, but you found nothing.

"Well look here. It's a little lost human. How cute..." Said a voice from behind you. You turned back around and you came face to face with a... Well you didn't know what it was. It had the head of a horse, the antler of a deer, a lion's paw, a dragon's claw and the tail of a snake.

"What the hell is that?" You asked out of shock.

"I, my dear boy, am a draconequus, but you can just call me Discord." The strange creature replied.

'I think I might be crazy...' You thought.

'I think you might be right.' You heard the voice of Discord say.

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