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The development of my art as a beginning artist


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I would like to share my improvement  from when I first started out art this year. I know it's nothing fantastic to look at, but I really want to improve and looking back at when I first started stuns me.




All images are compiled into this very long album to walkthrough the various art choices I've decided to make. Feel free to criticize, I need to improve.


Sorry if it's a bit long, you can just scroll down mindlessly to see each image. 

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Some of the earlier ponies seemed a bit awkward, 

Yes, I was never one to draw or do anything during my childhood, I was really into gaming and so all this art nonsense is all still fairly new to me. The early drawings of ponies were me being inspired by artists so I tried out under sketching and while I still don't fully understand it, it really helps me out a lot, I'm very picky about the way it looks so I have tons of crumbled paper in my trash bin filled with circles.

Well, if you're who I think you are, 

This intrigues me very greatly.


Also the max character limit for replies is the very fair amount of 100 characters per reply

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