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Casy and Dil crossovers!


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Welcome to Casy and Dilarus' collab thread!

Can I get a woop woop?


Well those of you who have visited my request thread or follow my tumblr will know that myself and Casy have crossed paths on multiple occasions and the resulting art has a dash of my style of lineart and a heaping helping of Casy's beautiful colour and backgrounds.


I love working with Casy, she continues to inspire me throughout my journey of artistic learning and I'm most proud of the things we can create together. Collaboration is a wonderful thing and very inkeeping with the ethos of the show, in my opinion anyways.


So, enough jabbering, on with the arts!


1. Bucking tired




It was Casy that approached me for our first collaboration, and I'll always be grateful to her for that as we became good friends throughout the process of making these pictures, and she's always been able to breathe life into my drawings in ways I never thought possible. For our first piece Casy wanted to know which character from the show we would focus on (since we decided to stick to canon characters) and I insisted that we do Applejack.


After only a split second's thinking the image of Applejack carrying a sleeping Apple Bloom back home after a hard day's apple bucking popped into my head and this was the result. My apologies for the pun, I couldn't help myself.






2. Hugs make everything better




This one probably has the most backstory out of all of our collabs.


Those of you who know me may know that I suffer from depression. I struggle to make friends and have very low self esteem and after taking a few requests I did the thing every artist does and comapred my work to another's (in this instance Casy).


You see, she drew > this pic <, it made me so happy just looking at it, I felt such elation for Scootaloo as you probably will too. I was swept away at how the piece told a story, I could picture being Scootaloo and feeling the rush she did. Then it sort of dawned on me that my art didn't do that, and I sort of lost my way artistically for a while. The result was some self-depricating art like these two below V





Now, I'm not trying to act all "woe is me" and attention-seeking but depression has a nasty habit of making you only see the negatives and I think every artist has a crisis like this at one point or another.


After a period of inactivity and reflection, I was delighted by a wave of support from the bronies here on this forum, Blue Arctic in particular wrote a heart warming message for me in my request thread and really helped me to see that so long as you have friends who care about you, and want to pick you up when you're down, things can't possibly be as bad as they seem.


So I rode that wave, and wanted to draw something that would show what I was feeling. I'm proud to say that I've let my friends be a source of strength and chosen to let other artists inspire me rather than see them as competition. I sent the lineart to Casy, in a way she inspired the piece you see, and she worked her magic to produce the pic you see below.






3. Discord




Yeah, I never really titled this one lol. Casy asked if we could draw a villain for a change and in my mind I was thinking "not Discord, not Discord" but wouldn't you know it, she picked him. Now, I got nothing against the guy, but his design is odd to say the least and this was actually my first time drawing him!


Now, as for the pic itself, whenever I think of Discord I think of > this song < and see him as an evil puppet master playing with ponies' lives for his own sick amusement. So that's what I drew.







4. Luna




I really should have thought up a name for this one, but its production was such a whirlwind I didn't have a chance to before it was done. The file name itself is "1", just to show how thought went into it during production lol.


I asked Casy if she had an idea of what she would like to produce next and she asked to do either Rarity or Luna, so I picked Luna because Rarity is a sociopath.


I know that Luna is reformed, and had a legitimate reason for being a villain, but I can't help but think of her as inherently sinister so I drafted up this rough and showed it to Casy




She told me she absolutely loved it and we set about refining the expression and pose etc and the final piece was finished in around 24 hours.


I did something special with her mane in that I added floating sections of it to make it more ethereal. I’m always mesmerized by the way her mane moves in the show and it reminds me of fire or water so I had it float on the breeze as you see here. I made Luna herself a bit leaner, added tufty hooves and a malicious grin and viola, one truly sinister pic of Luna in her element, silhouetted against the moon.


I think Casy really outdid herself on this one, Luna's mane is captivating and that moon looks like a photograph. I'm always blown away by Casy's work and hope we'll be able to make collabs like this for a long time






And that's it, Luna is our most current piece, and who will be the subject of our next piece? Well, that would be telling ;D


Want to see more of our art?


Casy's Tumblr: casynuf.tumblr.com

Twitter: @casy_nuf

Dilarus' Tumblr: atowncalledbedlam.tumblr.com

Twitter: @Dilarus

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These collabs gave me so much...!! I have got great friend, who is source of endless support and inspiration for me, who made a lot of my evenings better by showing me beautifull pictures and made me laught so much on his evening streams ... :D

Thank you so much!

Cant wait to make another piece with you <3 is allways so FUN to colour your awesome linearts :)))

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