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hello my subjects


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hello my wonderful ponies i am the princess of ice and snow princess snowcap 


i am an avid rper(both mlp and non-mlp)


my fav pony is a tie between: fluttershy, dashie, durpy hooves, and dr.whooves 


so if you wanan rp please send me a message 


~from your princess snowcap 

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Welcome to our humble land Princess Snowcap *bows* It is indeed a pleasure to meet your acquaintance and learn of your vivid adoration of Rping. It would be my greatest honor to do such things with thee. We who dwell in these lands welcome you once more ^_^

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Welcome Princess Snowcap!  :)


I'm not an RPer personally, but there are plenty of others here who are.  I'm also excited anytime I see a new Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash fan join the party. 


Have a nice day!  :D

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