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Where to get a custom model/figure?


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Hi everyone, first time poster/reader here, :)


My girlfriend loves MLP, and has (as many people have, I'm sure) come up with her own pony design, everything except the cutie mark so far. I was thinking it would be great to get her a custom MLP figure/model (FIM style) to her design, perhaps for her birthday early next year, but I don't know if it's possible or where to start. (I do notice the Commissions section here, but it looked more for artwork and other things rather than custom figures?)


Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for anyone with literally no idea where to start? I'd appreciate any help anyone can give :)

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I really wish i could help, but you would need like someone to actually make the thing and that might be hard but i dont do pottery or anything so. Its really cute and awesome that you wanna do this for her :) Good Luck

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Well there's not THAT many places you could get custom figures. But would a plush work?

This is a good option for Plush's. Again, if Plush's are alright.
Otherwise if you want, say, a Vinyl figure, you could always get the base and paint it yourself.

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Well, if nothing else, confirmation that customs probably won't happen is very helpful! With that in mind, a plush might do; I've got some time to think it over anyway, and I still need to wait on the cutey mark idea ^_^ But thanks to you both, much appreciated!

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