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Hey there everypony i'm looking for an animator to make me a few fight scenes for my fimfiction i'm working on its a fight scene between my oc and his two brothers (not oc's but aren't from mlp) sam and conner (can you guess who they are virtual cookie to the first one who gets it) and i need a fight scene between them and discord.


If you want an idea of what my oc looks like, he has a black coat with with a dark blue mane and his cutie mark is a silenced pistol under a broken bulb he fights with a knife and silenced pistol.


Connor is a white stallion that wears an ac b-hood robe and has hidden knives and a bow (you never see his cutie mark).


Sam has a black coat and black mane he has night-vision goggles with a silenced pistol (his cutie mark.


My oc is a unicorn Sam is a pegasus and Connor is a lean earth pony.


I would like it animated to this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BNASsjFpI8.



Now ill tell anyone who wants to animate what my characters will be doing *I CANNOT DRAW SO DONT ASK FOR DRAWINGS MMM'K*

Camera view one: Characters standing there infront of discords army, epic fight scene of them going through monsters like nothing (dont care how you do it) Reach discord


Camera View two: monsters form around characters and discord (epic battle between discord and characters)


first person view of my character: half way through battle Conner gets hit and gets knocked out


View my character: eyes widen


View Sam: gets hit and also gets knocked out


View my character : raises arm (you know like those NOOOO moments.)


View 10 feet distance my character: OC goes super nova and and then gets covered in white fire (even more epic fight between discord and oc with discord getting beaten


View third person: epic finally 


yea so anyway it really is up to you about the fight but i would like lots of flashes like its just stencils and my characters fight VERY FAST


also if the songs too short you can extend it i just dont want any fading parts 


Ps if you think it might sound better with a different type of music halfway through tell me also i would like it if its longer then 5 minutes PLEASE



THANKS if you can do this i will be very grateful

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As you are seeking helping in an artistic project, I have moved your thread to the Request Guild section so that any interested artists and animators may inquire further.


Please keep in mind that what you are asking for is a significant amount of work as far as animation is concerned, where the standard is 12 frames-per-second and you are asking for a minimum of five minutes.  This is even more apparent if a solitary artist is doing all of the work as opposed to a small team.  Regardless, I do wish the best of luck with your endeavors and I hope you find the assistance that you are seeking.

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