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Longtime brony here!


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I'm Aggybyte and I've been a brony since April 2011. I enjoy the show because of my long interest in cartoons. I'm 16 now and most of my family does not know I watch the show. I have a twitter: star_1ce, an email: aggybyte@gmail.com, and I'm getting an xbox 360 in a week or so. If anyone wants to know more about me I'll be on the forums quite a bit. Discord and Fluttershy are my favs and I can't wait for season 4!

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welcome to the forum! :D


you've been a brony for quite a while :P i only joined the herd a few months ago.

anyway, when you get your xbox it would be cool to play some games together! also, if you have any questions about the site or just want to chat or something, just hit me up on the PM. 

hope to see you posting around! :)

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Dang! I think you might be an even older fan of the show than I am! I didn't join til around the end of Season 1. (Don't remember the date)

And extra points for Fluttershy fav! /) Brohoof!


A big brotherly welcome to the forums mate! If you ever have any questions or just want someone to talk to Aniki is here for ya!

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And I thought it took me quite a while til I joined, but you top it all up. :P


Glad you finally found the time/courage/curiosity (or whatever you needed to come along sooner) to join us though.

Let me warn you in advance that you'll most likely get addicted to the forum, no matter what you are doing here. ^_^


Hope you'll enjoy your stay and make some new friends!

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