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Private Obilivion: Gates Of Hell


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Firebolt, Chivalry knight, Guardian Angel, Sparky were all called into princess Celestia's chambers. 


'' I wonder what's this is for,'' said Chivalry Knight. 

'' Shut up Chivalry. She said this was very important info,'' said Firebolt

 '' Still what can be important than sleep,'' said knight


They trotted inside the princess's chambers and  princess Celestia said,'' Hello men. Theres a reason I called you men here this early. Discord tried to take over Equestria by opening up a gate to the underworld and he succeeded. But he couldn't control them so they are taking over the cities all over Equestria. They already took over the Crystal Empire and they are now heading to Canterloat. I need you four to defend this city with your lives. '' \


'' When are they attacking,'' Firebolt asked.

'' At about day fall, so by the time they reach here you'll be ready''

'' Okay. lets move out men," sergeant Firebolt said.


They exited the chambers and headed to the royal guard armory. They got suited up and ready for the  attack.


'' What's the plan sergeant Firebolt,'' asked Sparky.

'' We fight intill they surrender or we die. Either one,'' said Firebolt 


( OOC: okay there the backstory and we take it from here)

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