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Greetings all, first time going on and posting about the show I have grown to enjoy very much! not quite positive that I am yet a bronie but I do want to talk about the show. please pardon my grammer and spelling as they suck!

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Haha, nah you're spelling and grammar isn't too bad really. (Trust me)


Welcome to the forums mate! There's tons of great topics to pitch your two bits in all over this board. (But there's no money-back guarantee) Hopefully we can pull you over to the dark brony side before too long. ;)

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Welcome to the forums! Don't worry whether you are a brony or not. No pony here will say that you aren't. We are all here to have fun and support each other, so relax and enjoy! smile.png

Be sure to fill in your profile info a little bit, so bronies can know more about you when curious. ;)

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Ok Fine I am a brony

 Really like the show check

 compulsively Chat about the show check

  Thinking or overthinking multi colored ponies check

 Starting to come up with my own stories involving said ponies check

 yep all the symptoms of being a brony.

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