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Planning Trapped In love

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Well my role play is called 'Trapped in love' so there are going to be 2 characters and they are in love. but the female's parents wont let her get married to him because they had already picked out a perfect horse for her (the 2 parents are also in the role play)  Also im not strict on what you can do just try to keep on topic!


so pretty much if you are interested in this pm me!

in your pm it must have which character you would like to be out of  (also have a second prefrence)

Lover (girl)

lover (boy)


'perfect' horse for the Lover (girl)

Lover (girl)'s Bestie

lover (boy)'s best mate

also a little detail about why you want to be that character, it must have a link to your OC, If your on most of the time, fair while, sometimes, not much, about once a month.


if ur on sometimes then you might be a character like a best mate or a bestie!

get inboxing before all the good characters get taken up!

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Can Terra Lionmane be the Best mate/best friend to the stallion? Also... wouldn't it be awesome if he feel in love with the friend of the bride? @, *wink-nudge-wink* Lol... Anyways... link in the signature. Also... can i bring Fenix his phoenix?

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