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Hey there everypony~
I used to just read the post and stuff, but I didn't sign up.
Because seeing so many bronies in one place is just too awesome.

And recently I took a break from Poniverse because school and stuff.
But then I saw the 500+ character thing, and I just had to JOIN
Because, seeing your OC, omgomgomg

Oh, also, because I'm 'new', I hope I don't make any trouble!


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Helloooo... Hellooooo... * echoes* 


Yeah, enough with the special effects; ooh, that's nice, Special Effects, quite fitting for an OC's name.


And trouble? There's no trouble in having a good time so... have a good time :)

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Well welcome to the family Blancat! Glad we finally tricked roped you in! ;)


I really doubt you'll make any trouble here unless you mention The Last Airbender Movie or Miley Cyrus. Seriously, it's a trap. Don't do it. mellow.png


Hope you have a great time here! Big brother out~

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