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Oh how I love that animation. So cute!

Lol; wifey and I watched that episode last night (an awesome one I thought; so well written) and when that scene came on I was laughing and smiling; and she was looking at me like I was crazy... I was thinking of that video as I'd watched it when it was first posted :D

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Have a traveling TARDIS gif I found with Derpy and the Doctor!




Anyone else like those two together! I love rping them.


1. In can't see the GIF.


2. You put a exclamation mark where you need a question mark.


3. I suck at roleplaying already established characters. I only consider myself good at RPing Fluttershy, but that isn't perfect either.


4. I sorta like that pairing.

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Question to all:


Witch pony between these three would make a better companion for the Doctor?

Trixie, Twilight, or Derpy?


ALSO! If you bother to look, there are three Doctor Whooves audio-plays on YouTube that have all three companions.

'Doctor Whooves Adventures', 'Doctor Whooves and Assistant', and 'Doctor Whooves The Great'.

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I like seeing Derpy as his companion, but Twilight would be a good one too. Not sure about Trixie given how arrogant she can be.


I love Doctor Whooves and Assistant, but I've never watched any episodes of the other two.


You should watch the other two. They're great!


Although, don't judge DWTGs greatness too harshly. They have only two episodes to far.

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I love Doctor from first time I've seen him. I don't know why, really. Maybe because he is kinda cute and originally. Maybe because he have great discoreded version and maybe because he has big potencial as fanfic/fan art character. 


By the way I've never seen Doctor Who series ^^" 

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