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What would you miss the most if you crossed over into Equestria?


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You cross over and become a pony..,and there is no going back. What would you miss the most from Earth?


I would miss a lot of things, but the joy of new discovery would compensate for most.

Deep down inside me, there is a carnivore. I know I would miss meat. Even though I would be satisfied/fulfilled with a veggie diet...I would probably buy and fry up eggs on occasion.


Holding a conversation with a steak...I mean a cow, would be odd. How would that cow feel if she knew beef was whats for dinner most of my life? I probably wouldn't even mention my meat eating past to anyone other than Twilight. Fluttershy might cut me off, and RD probably couldn't keep a secret.


But if the Diamond Dogs already had a slab of steak grilling....I might just haul a few loads for a meal.


Bottom line, I have no idea how hard it would be changing diet that abruptly, or if my body would adapt right away.


More likely I would suffer more from a lack of electronic entertainment. Games, computer, and music are at my finger tips right now. I just don't see them in the show.


What about you? What would you miss?

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I'd miss not having computers, unless they invent them in Equestria shortly after I get there.


And one day Pinkie Pie would be looking over my shoulder as I'm posting on the forums.


"Oooooo! What's that?"


"Oh, just a place on the internet dedicated to you, your friends, and everyone else in Equestria. Did you know you and Weird Al would make great friends?"




Reality just ended right there.

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The only things I would miss is my freinds and family. Some people in my life I just wont be able to replace...


Oh, and video games. What would I do without Pacman?!


Equestria has video games, at least on the level of Pac-Man, as shown in Hearts and Hooves Day.


"Equestria: We have video games, but no washing machines."

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If I ever did cross over into Equestria I would keep my old life here a secret. I would make a living making Equestria's finest fireworks. I would eat hay and I would like it, no matter how it tasted. I lost all my so called "friends" when I became a brony because they're all shallow minded and judgmental. I don't think I've ever had a true friend in my life. SO yeah crossing over to Equestria would go QUITE smoothly for me.

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Count me in as one of those who would miss their carnivorous diet. I would likely find a way to continue eating meat, because it's simply irreplaceable for me.


I would also miss this forum, computers, and the Internet very much. What would the rest of you do here without a site owner?

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I would dearly miss my family, and I would miss the friendships I've already started to make here in reality. I would also feel regret over all the hard work I spent in college only for it to be wasted, since I doubt they honor degrees from the United States of America in Equestria. Assuming of course that my knowledge isn't completely worthless and I don't have to start over from scratch because physics, biology, chemistry, etc all work differently in Equestria than they do in our reality.


But I think there's also something very important I'd miss: MY HANDS. Hooves are not an acceptable replacement, and unicorn magic a poor substitute. Hands are too useful to give up!


If I'm to be trapped in Equestria, the least the whatever that trapped me there could do is let me stay human...

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