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I would love to get to know you all!

Twila Starshimmer

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Hello, everypony! *waves excitedly*


I submitted in the welcoming forum not too long ago, as well as Ask a Pony, but I didn't feel that those alone were enough to get to know all of you. smile.png 


So, hello!


You can call me Flitter, FlitterHeart, Ash, Ashley--whichever you'd like.


I'm brand new to the site, as well as the MLP show. I've watched most of the episodes so far on Netflix, and I used to have them when I was a child (I'm 23).


I love meeting new people, and I try my best to treat others the way they should be treated.


I hope to make new friends and get to know all of you! wub.png


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Welcome to the forums, Flitter!


Plenty of friendly people to meet here and people to talk to, 

'Tis the best forums I've ever been on myself, to be honest~

Anyway, hope you enjoy yer stay c:

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OH Hi! I think I read your welcome thread, I don't why I didn't say "Hi".blush.png Sorry.


Well anyway Welcome!laugh.png I hope that you have a wonderful time here and meet many new friends.

I unfortunately have only one IRL brony friend who lives three states away.sad.png

So I am hoping to make some new friends here,smile.png  but as I warn everybody, I am VERY careful about choosing my friends.

But please, don't let that scare you off.derpy_emoticon1.png

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*stares at thread in confusion for a good 15 seconds*KUbAnTY.png

Oooooooh. Okay... jeez, you really threw me for a loop there Ash. I was like, "Man, I could of sworn I responded to this thread already... where the heck... OH she made ANOTHER ONE."


Well it would seem a little redundant of me to welcome you to the forums a second time... but I can't just leave it un-welcomed can I?! (You've really put me in a bind)


Okay, okay. *ahem*"Welcome new person whom I have never welcomed before or seen in my life. I hope you have a fun time here because I am unaware of your current presence." *shoo*Good? Think they bought it? (I thought it was good)

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Wait, I'm missing free hugs???  The horror!

Hey, there, FlitterHeart!  I'm super-new, too (just joined fo'real today), and these people are awesome!  You remind me a lot of Pinkie Pie.  *looks at avatar*  Oh, well that could explain it!  Pinkie Pie is walking right next to what I assume is either you or Pinkie Pie's human form in Equestria Girls (which I haven't yet watched).

Anyway, I'll take whatever hugs haven't been hugged yet.

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*gives out more hugs*


Thanks, MrPandaa!


Nice to meet you!


I am very similar to Pinkie Pie, but I don't think she's my pony self as she's a bit toooo party oriented and always bouncy. I can be like that when excited, but not all the time, haha.e9FkmL5.png

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Yay, hugs!  Nice to meet you, too!  It's probably good that you're not always like Pinkie Pie--she's adorable, but it'd be hard for her to really do anything on Earth 'cause she'd be too busy bouncing around!

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