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Dark (Sad/Dark) Twilight's Insanity

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This is a Saddark fiction. I am so sorry, Celestia.


Fluttershy was sitting in her kitchen. "Come on, Angel Bunny, these carrots are delicious." She was trying to coax Angel to eating his dinner. "Please?" Angel responded by flipping the plate of carrots into the air. "Eat it." Angel shook his head. Fluttershy was losing her patience. "Angel. Eat your dinner." Another head shake. Fluttershy gave him The Stare. Angel shoved the carrot into his mouth. "Good boy, Angel!" Fluttershy praised him. "Fluttershy, are you home?" Came a voice. "I-I'm coming." The shy pony creaked open the door. "Oh, hello, Twilight." Twilight was standing in the doorway. "Are you worried you're going to be tardy? Because your mane is a lit---" "SSH!" Twilight put a hoof to her mouth. "I'm trying to be the only element." Fluttershy's eyes widened. "Wha..what?" Twilight stepped closer. "I'm gonna be the only Element--The Element Of Friendship!" Twilight squeed. "And I'm starting with you." Fluttershy let out a shrill yelp as Twilight launched herself at the defenseless Pegasus. Twilight pounded her hooves into Fluttershy's face, grinning as Fluttershy's nose bled onto her relentless hooves. "Twilight--" She gasped in pain, "What are you doing?!" Twilight cackled. "Killing you!" Fluttershy flailed her hooves at Twilight, who paid no attention to the weak blows. "Now stop moving and it'll be faster!" Twilight screeched. "No! Neveeer!" Fluttershy yelped. Twilight pounded her harder. "Oowww..." Fluttershy's weak blows were getting weaker. "Hahahaha! Die, Failureshy, DIE!!" Fluttershy squeaked in pain. "STOP IT!!!" Four voices rang out. "Buck you, You pathetic mista---" Twilight was launched off of her crying victim. "Don't EVER hurt her again!" Came a screech. Rarity gave Twilight a crazy judo-kick to the jaw. Applejack and Pinkie helped Fluttershy to her hooves, blood pooling below her. "I-it was...blood...pain..k-kill me.." The traumatized pony mumbled. Pinkie hugged her, crying. "I-it's okay Shy, yer safe now." Applejack comforted her. Rainbow Dash and Rarity were holding Twilight down. "LET ME GO, YOU ANIMALS! I MUSSSST KILL HEERRR!" The insane pony screamed. Fluttershy had collapsed, her shattered muzzle pouring blood. Applejack and Pinkie were laying beside her, comforting the scarred pony as best as they could. "S'okay, sugarcube, Ah'll keep her away." Applejack told her. Fluttershy spoke in gibberish. "I can keep you safe, Fluttershy." Pinkie hugged her. "NO! NONE OF YOU CAN! SHE WILL DIIEEE, LIKE THE REST OF YOU!" Twilight yelled. "You have a right to remain silent, you BRUTE." Rarity punched the screaming unicorn. Rainbow frowned. "I can't believe you." She told Twilight. "You're a monster, you're a second Discord. Buck you forever, you horrible equine." Dash gave her the what-for. "Y'all call the police, We're takin' Shy to tha hospital." Applejack said. "Yeah. Call the princess. I'm sure she'd LOVE to hear what her star student did today." Pinkie said. "Ah said police. But call the princess too." The two Earth ponies and the ruined Pegasus left the cottage. Rarity reached Fluttershy's phone. "Darling, how does this work?" She asked. "Gently and carefully." Rainbow replied. Rarity began pressing buttons. "Hello? Yes, Twilight tried to kill Fluttershy. Mm hmm. Okay. At her cottage. Mm hm. Bye." Rarity hung up. "They're on their way." Rainbow Dash nodded. "Good. This brat needs to be taught a lesson." Seconds later, alarms were heard. "We're coming in! Sit tight!" The policeponies burst in. "Where'd it happen?" One asked. Rarity pointed to a pool of blood. "There, darling." She told him. The policeponies hauled Twilight off, kicking and screaming.





A few weeks later, Fluttershy was healing nicely. Apart from a broken leg and her nose, she only had a few bruises. Her friends brought her flowers and board games and Pinkie brought a lot of treats. When Fluttershy left the hospital, she walked by the library with Pinkie. "Hey, it's all boarded up." Fluttershy noted. "That's cause Twilight had to move back to Canterlot." Pinkie explained. "Oh. Wonderful." Fluttershy said. "Now I'm safe."


Hope You Enjoyed!

Again, I'm so sorry, Celestia.

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