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Derpy absolutely love Christmas


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She love it so much she's already in the spirit, a month and a half before it!


Well, she's Derpy after all.



Hello everyone!img-2012998-1-laugh.png


This was supposed to be a background free drawing at first, but I couldn't resist to add a simple one.

Why background free?

Well you see, our group on facebook decided to change it's banner, and it turned into a collective collaboration, Christmas themed!


And I picked Derpy, because bubble horse is best horse.


Turned pretty well in my opinion img-2012998-2-e9FkmL5.png






I'm starting to get used to shading. It's still not perfect, but I'm feeling more comfortable with it!


Anyways. Like always, I would like to get your opinion, about what's right and what could be improved ^.^


Also, she doesn't have wings on this one x.x Can't seems to update here tongue.png

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That is ekstremely cute!

May I use it as screensaver? e9FkmL5.png

ohmy.png  Something I made as a screen saver?! 

happy.png Go ahead! haha thank you for this :3


Derpy werpy, such a sweety!!! I love Derpy, she represents so much goodness and innocence in our society!


I'm with you on this one, I consider her as the element of tolerance :P


Wow, it looks very great! o_o


Good job on it, the background fits perfectly. wink.png


Thanks my friend! I'm not very at background honestly, but winter is less complicated. It's white everywhere after all ^,^

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Oh my goodness, that is simply precious!  It may be November, but I don't care seeing as Derpy looks simply too cute!!!  Fantastic work as usual Bugsy; can't wait to see what you come out with next!!! derpy_emoticon1.png

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 My computer have never been this happy before. biggrin.png


Glad to hear this!

I hope you have the version with wings though happy.png


Fantastic! My wife has saved the photo and wil be using it as her desktop come dec 1st.


Tell your wife it's an honor for me to have my work on someone else computer! laugh.png


That. Is. Adorable. Like sock ponies, only better. She looks so happy, so cute. It may be a month early, but I'm getting into the holiday spirit already. I love it.



I can't wait to start playing my christmas music and pretend im trotting around Ponyville in the snow! So much fun! img-2014882-1-laugh.png


Agree! I'm probably going to try to make a snow pony his year.

I'll try to make it so that it doesn't look like a demon...


wow how did you manage the tidiness? It's amazing art O_O


Thanks my friend! :3


Sweet! Very cute! I love the color, very bright.


Some place are a little to bright actually, but it's personal opinion ^.^


Oh my goodness, that is simply precious!  It may be November, but I don't care seeing as Derpy looks simply too cute!!!  Fantastic work as usual Bugsy; can't wait to see what you come out with next!!! img-2015566-1-derpy_emoticon1.png


Thanks Batpony! Can't wait to make more as well yay.png


Aww...now ain't that cute? I bet she can't wait for Christmas.


I bet she can't. All those spice/gingerbread flavor muffins are the best ones!


Impressive work!


I really like what you did with the shading and everything.


Thanks mate! laugh.png

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Who's excited for christmas? I know some pony who is! DERPY img-2018286-1-laugh.png


I am too! I hope we'll get an holiday related episode this new season :D


Dawww.... that's so cute... 


Looks great, nice shading, nice colors, great job! 


Thanks mate! That means a lot to me :3

Color theories are still a little wobbly in my head, but I'm getting the rid of it!


This is pretty darn adorable! img-2018340-1-derpy_emoticon1.png


Haha I must admit, yes it is cute ^.^

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