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You are going on holiday, but you can only take 5 things....


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Ok, so in this scenario, you are going on holiday (Please say where) but you can only take 5 things.. what would you take?


I am going to London;


With me, personally I would take:


A REAAALLLLYYYY long book: Books always keep me calm, I love being able to escape into a different world.


My Boyfriend: I can't go anywhere without him!


My favourite Applejack plush toy; It is soooo cute! I can't go anywhere without it!


My iPod and headphones: I love playing on my ipod, and I also love listening to music, so i would take both of those!


And, last but not least, I would take my Sneakers (Runners, Sandshoes, whatever you call them) : I absolutely LOVE sport, So i would take my Sneakers so if we do any sport, I would be ready!!!





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I would take the following with me to Japan:


  1. Laptop with charger
  2. MP3 with headphones
  3. Kindle Fire with charger
  4. Money (obviously)
  5. Possibly a friend if they were up to it
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I don't really enjoy holidays, I kinda have had a negative approach to most of them in my life. But, there's one place I have always loved going to, and that's the extreme south coast of Australia.


Things I would take that are most important from a quick thought process would be;

  1. iPad with headset so I can enjoy music in peace.
  2. Cricket set, since it's at a beach, it's good fun there.
  3. 3DS, does get boring without a game around for backup.
  4. Phone, for the internet hotspot I always have on.
  5. Drawing set (pencils/pens/book), self explanatory since I love art.


I also assume I get to take clothes, otherwise I would've had that in my list lol.

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I'd probably go to check out Alaskan wilderness or something, and here's what I'd take with me:

1. My guitar.
2. Derpy plushie. I'm not going anywhere without her.
3. Sketchbook and a pencil.
4. Lyric book/journal

5. Wallet.

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Scenario: Holiday to... I don't really know... Alaska! why not?... These are the items I'd take:


  1. A professional camera to take some amazing nature shots (the charger is smuggled with it tongue.png)
  2. My wallet (sort of needed)
  3. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (it's the biggest book I can think of, should be enough reading material)
  4. An MP3 Player / FM radio
  5. My pikachu stuffed animal. It has massive sentimental value for me.

I didn't want to bring too many electronics with me because it's a holiday! I could play video games at home and the scenery there is amazing. I've been there once before, I'd love to see it again.

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Easy decisions for someone who always travels light.


  • My laptop is a necessity, as it'll keep me connected with everyone can plenty plenty of of amusement during downtime.
  • Assuming the contents of my wallet count as a single item (I think they should as an empty wallet is useless) I'll take that.
  • My phone (primarily for it's navigational capabilities)
  • A change of clothes.
  • Another change of clothes.


edit: Forgot to say where. Eh, I reckon any place that would take at least five hours to reach from here would be fine. I've always wanted to go to one of my clan's castles in Scotland, or at least the one that's been restored. Perhaps there.

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I am going to London;

Are you actually going to London or is it an example?



Cause I am going to London this winter for some meetup thingy (I live in sweden so I'll have to fly there) and I'm gonna sleep at Flipturn's :P WATCH OUT AT NIGHT FLIPPY! post-1052-0-26228600-1366066675.gif


Haha but uuhm. 5 things.. idk.

If I went to a random place idk like... Germany or something (I'm not going to germany though) I'd want to bring:


  • Wallet (So I can pay for stuff)
  • My Phone (So I can go online and call people and check the time)
  • Phone Charger with adapter so it works for all countries.
  • Nintendo DS with Pokémon inside
  • A friend
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Easy choice: the Colorado Rockies. Nice cool place with some of the best views on Earth.


I'd take:

  • Laptop w/ equipment. Keep in contact with peeps and have mah PC games.
  • Phone. For calls and emergencies.
  • Wallet. I'll need some money to go places, amirite? wink.png
  • Spare T shirts and jeans, to be used in rotation.
  • 3DS w/ Pokemon Y, because pokemanz. laugh.png

Everything else I'd need I could pretty much just buy there.

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My destination: Moscow, Tokyo, Shengai, Cairo or any cool city x3
Here's my list:-
1- My laptop with charger.
2- My suitcase with my clothes and stuff.
3- My backpack with my important stuff; Like: Passport, my wallet, ...etc
4- My Phone.
5- Camera for taking pictures.

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If I had to go to my favorite place for a holidy, which is Berlin, then I'll probably take the most comfortable shoes, camera, money, book about Berlin and comfortable yet fashionable clothes with me. :)

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